Making A Great First Impression On Employees


Fact one: the value of first impressions can dictate the entire future of a business relationship. Fact two: employees are the most valuable asset at any company owner’s disposal. 


So, when investing time and money into aspects of branding, you must avoid thinking solely about the customers. When you leave a lasting impression on an employee, it can lead to increased productivity, morale, and engagement. All of those factors boost the company output while simultaneously promoting strong client UXs. Let’s take a look at eight great ways to achieve stunning results from day one.


#1. Using Advanced Recruitment Processes


Successful recruitment drives are essential for building strong teams. Therefore, it’s vital that you use this opportunity to ensure that the brand image is correct. Get it right, and the quality of candidates will shoot through the roof. It’ll also encourage new staff members to feel excited about their role.


It doesn’t matter whether you go it alone or use outside recruitment experts, like Zeel Solutions. The key is to implement modern tech. The inclusion of visual content to explain the vacancy and company background works wonders. Analytical tools and A.I. can automate the process of checking the credentials of prospective workers to support your cause.


Evolving with the times will also have a positive impact on existing staff members.


#2. Investing In Your Online Presence


Before a candidate has even undergone their interview, it’s likely that they will have interacted with the business online. Even when it’s for research purposes, browsing your site and social media feeds can have a telling influence on their views of the firm.


A strong social media presence with a big following naturally sets a positive tone. However, your website is the main weapon in your arsenal, and you should want it to stand out. Experts at RSM Marketing can produce a bespoke web design that also includes content primarily aimed at employees. This could include a ‘careers’ section.


If your web game is strong, it will leave a significant impression.


#3. Building A Positive Workplace


Employees want to work in a positive environment. After all, they could be spending 40+ hours of their lives inside your business premises, which is a long time to feel unsafe or unhappy. Therefore, you must invest in necessary comforts that enable them to work to the best of their abilities.


Appreciating the need for a good office layout or shop floorplan can make a world of difference. The focus should extend to the right equipment, as well as staff facilities. Simple additions like a water machine can boost hydration. This subsequently influences the concentration and alertness. Natural lighting has a positive impact too.


Celebrating awards and accolades within the reception areas is also a smart move.



#4. Preparing For The Onboarding Processes


As an employer, you need to put yourself in an employee’s shoes and appreciate their need to feel accepted on day one. With this in mind, the onboarding process is of immense importance. Frankly, a lack of attention in this procedure can set a negative tone for the road ahead.


The onboarding process relies on several factors. The new addition should be introduced to all teams, as well as the individuals they’ll work alongside. This is also the time to provide personalized stationery, a designated area, and any devices they may need. You will additionally need to create storage space for their lunch in the staff fridge and for their belongings.


Good preparation and organization will help you master the challenge.


#5. Leading By Example


New employees will look to you for inspiration. Crucially, they will form judgements about the business based on you as a person. Perhaps the easiest way to make a big first impression is to focus on the way you dress. When combined with positive body language, the rewards will soon show.


Moreover, you should actively develop your leadership skills. Aside from the fact it provides an extra incentive for new workers to perform, it also builds reassurance. After all, it’s difficult for them to feel engaged with the work when they have genuine fears of whether the company will survive. Confidence in your capabilities will significantly change that.


Besides, when you’re a better worker, it can only support the company as a whole.


#6. Embracing Strong Communication


Great communication sits at the heart of all business, but it’s not all about the client interactions. Investing in advanced internal applications and strategies will boost productivity and staff happiness. Simply seeing that all employees know the protocols is hugely impressive for new recruits.


Some of the most popular methods include using short team meetings, Zoom video conferencing, and team messaging Apps. Time is the most valuable resource that you have. When employees are given a chance to utilize theirs to its full possibilities, it puts them in a better state of mind. Moreover, effective communication can prevent the threat of ambiguity.


When the business is underpinned by good communication, the positivity will last a lifetime.



#7. Encouraging Team Unity


New employees needn’t only feel confident in the business. They also require a sense of belonging. If they can gain it early on, it sets a fantastic precedent. Detailed onboarding and introductions are an ideal starting point, and they should be supported by a strong HR department too.


Further solutions involve using group perks as a reward for team success, and away days. While it may be tempting to cut out all recreational talk, you should also allow colleagues to become friends. Just be sure to prevent any threat of this distracting them from the job at hand. Of course, any signs of teething problems of workplace bullying should be addressed right away.


The best teams are those that work together. Embrace it.


#8. Championing Responsibility


When thinking about the employee-company relationship, branding is vital. You want all staff members to take pride in the company they work for, and there are many ways to achieve. Success within the industry helps. However, showing responsibility as a company and an owner is where true success lies.


One of the best ways is to conduct your work in a responsible way. This means investing in eco-friendly tech and supporting worthy causes that your staff actually care about. When supported by advanced safety and security measures, each team member should feel positively about the brand. In turn, that positive can enhance their workflow.


Act in the best fashion, and the best results will follow. Simple.