Making a Hobby of Money Making When You’re Off the Clock



Everybody wants wealth and security, but not everybody is very good at achieving it. This is often because the individual just hasn’t considered their situation very deeply. People rely overly much on their income from their career. Now, if you’re making six figures, this may be enough to create the lifestyle of your dreams. But if you make regular wages, then you’ll have to be more creative when it comes to earnings, investment returns, spending, and saving.


In fact, the most important time of every day, as it pertains to building wealth, is the time spent off the clock. This is the time you spend the most money, and this is also the time that you pursue various hobbies and enterprises. If you are able to harness the potential of your spare time, you will be able to transform your life much more quickly and effectively. Here’s how.


  • Create a Hobby of Earning Extra Money. Many people who are committed to future financial security start to attain their goals by starting a side hustle. A side hustle is a hobby or business idea that you use to make extra income, over and above the income you draw from your job. Another good method is to invest and speculate for fun and profit. Day trading, sports speculation as modeled by Jon Price, or even a business you start on Etsy – all of these are great ways to make extra money. If you save everything you earn in these ways, you will find that you have lots more money to save, invest, pay off debt, or use for any other profitable purpose you can think of.
  • Stay Active in the Evenings. It’s easy to get home from work, vegetate, and accomplish nothing. While this is great every now and then, it’s not the best use of time for people who want to increase their financial security. Even if you don’t have a side hustle or money making opportunity active, you can still use this time to learn. Read books, have conversations, take classes, or even watch Youtube videos that teach you valuable information. You can use this information to make more money later. For now, just learn the best information you can find.
  • Budget Intensely. Nobody likes a budget, but it’s the best way to understand the profitable and wasteful ways you use your money. Start by making a list of the essential expenditures you make each week/month. Rent, mortgage, utilities, credit card payments – once you see the payments that you are obligated to make, you can compare the total to your income. Now find ways to reduce these. Next, budget money for savings and/or debt reduction. Once you’ve paid off all of these things (pay first, when you get a paycheck), you’ll know what extra money you have to use for enjoyment or, more profitably, pour into other ways to make money.


Most people won’t get rich if they don’t learn how to make the most of their time not spent at work. If you can make this time profitable, you will be much farther along the path to financial independence.