Making An Impact Online


One thing you always need to do is ensure your business has a good online presence. This is something that is vital for all companies today.


It does not matter whether you sell crafts or you have a business offering consultancy services; your online presence is everything. To achieve a good presence; you need to look at your full online trail.


For example, for many years, user experience and search engine optimisation have been viewed as two entirely separate things. However, if you are to achieve exceptional online visibility and become a dominant brand in your industry, you need to recognise that UX and SEO go hand-in-hand.


This is because Google and the other major search engines now consider behavioural metrics, such as page load speed and bounce rate, when ranking your website. If your website does not offer a positive user experience, you will fall down the Google results page.


So, how do you use this to your advantage? You need to look at the different elements of your website that influence both user experience and your search engine ranking.


Site speed


Page load speed is a good place to start. This is one of the main reasons for a high bounce rate. After all, the internet is supposed to be about convenience, so if your website is too slow, users are simply going to exit it and look for the products and services they’re after elsewhere. 


By improving the speed of your site, your ranking will naturally improve too. There are a number of ways you can boost your website speed. Changing your website hosting provider can help, as can removing any large media files.


Responsive and readable


You should also make sure that your website is responsive. If your site cannot be viewed optimally on a mobile phone, you are essentially providing a poor user experience to a huge number of internet users. 


You also need to make sure that your website is relevant and adds value to the user. This is especially important for niche businesses. Let’s say you have used the likes of to purchase a funeral home. You should add content on coping with grief and advice on planning a funeral; make sure it is relevant. If you were to add articles on the latest smartphones, it would hurt your search engine ranking considerably.


You can also do this by including image tags so that people receive the same user experience irrespective of whether the picture loads or not. You should also include lengthy pieces of content so that you can establish yourself as an expert and authority in your industry.


Hopefully, you now feel like you understand the relationship between UX and SEO and how to make an impact online. As mentioned, the importance of this simply cannot be underestimated. It does not matter what sort of business you have, you need to master the online realm to be a success.