Making Management Work


Management can be really hard to get right. If you want to be a manager, or indeed a good manager then there are certain things you should do. If you are a business owner then you are by default a manager. You may employ a manager to manage the other staff, but you still need to manage the manger. It is, in its essence the successful way or overseeing staff and ensuring they stay productive, whilst also looking out for their welfare too. You need to be clever and make sure the business if running well while also doing what is right for the individuals. Some people take to it naturally. They will already be leaders and be born to the role whereas others will struggle more and find it hard to assert their authority over others. Some business owners are great, inventive and clever yet simply cannot manage others. There are ways around it however, ways you can ensure your techniques get you noticed. There are also different ways to act if you wanted to move up to management. These tips can help you out and help you start thinking in the right mindset that great managers get into when overseeing others.


Earn Your Stripes


You can either be a natural or someone who really struggles in what they do. It can be really tough when you aren’t naturally inclined to lead and manage but you can still do it. If you really struggle, you can consider a bachelor’s in organizational leadership. This is certainly recommended for business owners who really struggle to get to grips with management. You need your workforce working at the highest levels, after all, that is what you pay them for. You need to manage this out of them, and you need to know how to manage. If you haven’t managed before and want to move up into the world of management then learning how it is actually done can stand you in good stead and help increase your chances of employment. Some say you can never learn it unless you are doing it, but knowing can certainly help in some way and it can prepare you for some of the issues you face.


Learn From The Best


There are countless books out there which all talk about management, some by leading figures. They have useful snippets of wisdom to impart and it can help you make the right decisions as a manager. Sure, some may not really be applicable to you because of the type of work you are in but managing people’s performance is essentially the same all over. There are some great books out there that touch on management, you can find some of the better ones here. Asking for help or learning from others isn’t a sign of weakness, it shows that you understand your own shortcomings and are happy and brave enough to seek help where needed, only a fool would choose not to read up on their profession.


First Impressions Count


As a manager first impressions really count. If you give a bad one, it can be reclaimed, just over a long and arduous time. But if you get the first impression right your job will be far easier on all accounts. Watch what is going on for a week or so and then begin to set out your way of running things. If you are the business owner you can do this straight away because you will be there before anybody else, meaning you tell them how to work and set out all of the employee guidelines yourself.



Adjust To Each Situation Accordingly


You need to judge each situation on the characteristics of the situation. Don’t bring past figures or misdemeanors into the conversation. Being adaptable is important to any manager, you need to make sure that you can judge each situation on its own merit. Never employ a blanket approach where you sue the same parameters for dealing with each situation, it just does not work, you need to be smarter than that. If you do this and you have people with agendas then they will work out your way of management and exploit it. Be flexible and unpredictable. Don’t react to certain things in the same way, take each issue in hand and work with it instead of referring back to a tried and tested method of dealing with problems.



Maintain A Distance


You must not become too friendly with employees. Sure, there needs to be a working relationship which is great, it helps the dynamics of the workplace. Yet you still need to maintain that distance so you can go into boss mode when you need to. This becomes awkward when you are promoted from the same level as people up to a position where you are in charge of them, though the same applies. Be kind, cordial and have a laugh and joke with them on times. You must not be a robot. Be approachable always, yet always maintain that distance.



Be Objective


Being objective is harder than you may think. You may have preconceived opinions of people who you don’t really know that well. It is just the way it works. It happens on an almost subconscious level. Try your best to see above it. If you don’t then you are leaving yourself open and vulnerable to trouble, including a lawsuit if you are the business owner. Judge everything on the situation and not on the individuals who are in the situation. Establish the facts and act accordingly. You also need to judge people in the same way. Don’t favouritise certain people or you will look stupid and earn the wrath of other workers. Everyone has favourites in life, but if you want everyone to get on well in the workplace you are in charge of you should treat everyone in the same way. Even people who are polar opposites on performance, speak to them in the same manner and respect each person’s given situation.