Managed IT Services vs IT Support: What’s the Difference?

managed IT services

It’s the simple difference between a one-time fling and a lovely relationship that lasts. IT support deals with basic- to- moderately-difficult issues. Put simply, they’re an on-demand service that isn’t highly specialized and will only charge you when you need to use it. A perfect example is Best Buy’s Geek Squad. They’re good at what they do, but they don’t do much.

A managed IT service provider, however, offers both the breadth and depth of IT experience you need. They’re able to solve your technology problems just like an IT support specialist, but they can also do much more:

  • Analyze and improve cybersecurity
  • Install software and hardware upgrades
  • Design business continuity plans
  • Manage data in the cloud
  • Provide remote-work tools like VoIP
  • Offer risk management

We know, it sounds too good to be true. But the truth is, managed IT services have become a prominent player in the IT industry because their operations are so integral to everyday business success. A managed IT company isn’t some well-kept secret—it’s a necessity in the modern world.

But we understand that you still may have some doubts. Let’s delve into the specifics of both IT support companies and managed IT services to answer the rest of your questions.

Is it really 24/7?

IT Support

The IT support company can offer you 24/7 support, but it has a limited expertise. Its specialists can replace a broken piece of equipment, but they can’t contain a breach, backup data, or secure your IT infrastructure.

Put simply: Yes, you can call them at 2 am with your IT problems. And yes, you can expect them to say, “Did you try turning it off and back on again?” before charging you their standard inspection fees.

Managed IT Services

A managed IT service provider, on the other hand, can solve almost any IT problem—at any time. What they say they can do, they always back up with real-world results.

Unlike IT support that only offers break-fix solutions, a managed IT services company has professionals that live and breathe IT fixes, protection and prevention. So whether it’s an issue regarding data, storage, emails, firewalls, disaster recovery, software, applications or more, they can identify and solve any bug or cyberattack.

Can I depend on it to actually fix my problem?

IT Support

IT support companies only fix broken tech. So if your computer is not working properly, or your printer is perhaps not booting up, they can fix that particular piece of tech. They can send one of their workers over to take a look at the hardware, repair or replace a part. This might not be done in one visit, so expect the bills to rack up.

Managed IT Services

A managed IT services company can not only fix your tech but they can also fix the software that your tech uses. Fixing something is more than making it work again, it’s about preventing it from breaking down in the future. Managed IT services will give you tips on how to prevent a hacker getting inside your network, monitor updates as they install and bring up bugs and errors that could result in your software failing to function.

Is it affordable?

IT Support

IT support does not always give you the cheapest option. They can fix certain things but they will have their own process which you cannot predict. It may take two or more visits to fix something, all the while the cost is increasing and your business is not functioning at its best.

Managed IT Services

Working with a managed IT services company gives you peace of mind for an overall cheaper solution. You can always rely on a fast-reacting team to get to work on fixing a software or hardware problem and flag up issues before they go beyond the pale and cause harm to your cash flow.

The Takeaway

IT support may be attractive for some minor issues, but it never lives up to the call when you have a complex potentially reputation-damaging problem. Managed IT services are more advanced, faster, and adapts to your business.