Many Pieces to the Puzzle: Making a Safe Working Environment


If you are in the process of setting up an office environment or just looking to improve your business, the importance of making it a “safe” environment is obvious. But the importance of incorporating safety, in all of its forms, is not easy. The overriding mistake individuals make when they endeavor to make a safe working environment is that they focus on one aspect, and leave the big picture to somebody else. But the importance of seeing the big picture is crucial to the overall culture of the organization. So let’s show you some very important things to make your organization as safe as possible. It boils down to some of these key components.


Planning a Job Hazard Analysis

Commonly abbreviated to a JHA, any hazard assessments will show what the physical and structural feelings of your business are. You could go beyond this, especially if you consider that there’s a wide variety of problems that are detrimental to an individual’s health, such as radon. But in this respect, you’ve got to work with radon testing specialists and external professionals to give you a comprehensive report on the integrity of the property. A job hazard analysis covers so many different areas, but it gives the people within the organization a better idea of how they can plan ahead.


Management Commitment

When it comes to the safety of an organization, you must think about the importance of the top line staff supporting the business. If you need to conduct a safety assessment of your business, and you are in a position where the stakeholders or the people above you do not support this approach, it’s going to prove stressful. If you want company executives to support you, you have to ensure they have your back.


Providing Training

As far as safety is concerned, you cannot expect an employee to work safely if they’ve never been trained in proper and safe working procedures. It may seem like common sense, especially when it comes to something like lifting a box safely, but this is where it is vital to incorporate proper hazard training. Training is something that we should invest in on a regular basis. It gives everybody the ability to understand why something is so important but also gives them the tools to deal with it. Training or whether it’s in relation to data breaches and how to handle them, or brushing up on rules regulations, highlights the fact that you are investing back into your business.


Prioritizing Mental Health Support

Safety can comprise other personal issues. However, when it comes to these issues, and even alcohol or drug abuse, some organizations turn a blind eye to it. But this needs to be addressed with a clear policy, but also ensuring that it is enforced in the right way. Supporting your employees is a simple way to invest in your business, and a modern company will look to the overall well-being of their workers. A safe working environment covers so many bases, but it is these four areas that should be a priority.