Marketing And Advertising, The Symbiotic Relationship


Marketing and advertising are two sides to the same coin. However you look at it, you cannot have one without the other. To market your product, you need to have the effective marketing strategy, and this will feed into your advertising. If it doesn’t, then you should start now. Having a perfect marketing strategy will make life that much easier for you further down the line when it comes to getting the product pitch perfect.

What Makes The Perfect Marketing Strategy?

To answer this, it needs to be broken down into its key components. How do you create the marketing strategy?

  1. You create the right tools or resources.
  2. You increase the visual aspect of the company or create more strongleads.
  3. You choose the right platform or platforms for marketing online or on social media.
  4. You deliver or produce the content that is most appropriate
  5. You keep up to date with current trends in equipment, technology, and market, by using an seo company.

The marketing strategy is where your ideas are solidified, and your manifesto is created. Once you have the template to operate from, what are the ways in which you can appeal to your prospective customer via the medium of advertising?

The Advertising Arsenal

There are techniques that many advertising agencies have used for decades to get people to buy a vast array of items. What is it that you can do to succeed in this area?

Go For The Emotions: This is the best way to get any connection with another human being. Going, not just for the personal touch, but providing such an emotional punch to the gut, that it implores them to feel something. We, as consumers, are so used to style over substance that we have developed an immunity to anything flashy. We consume only 3% of the 362 ads per day that we are exposed to, and statistically, they are likely to be the more linked in with how they made you feel instead of how they looked. People’s standards are so high that providing an emotional approach is going against the grain. It doesn’t need to be an emotional ad. However, the glut of these at Christmas does a lot to play on our heartstrings. Humor, or encouraging someone to question or think is just as important.

The 64,000 Dollar Question: How will this product improve your life by being in it? This is where we don’t just attempt to show the company or business as a reliable or friendly brand because people don’t want to know about that. They want to buy something, and your job is to make the product absolutely essential to them. Car ads are very successful because they show the vehicle in a dynamic setting, that the speed of the car will help you get out of an earthquake or a life threatening situation by being fast or easy to handle. That is the reason why you want it in your life. Showing someone why they need it rather than just pushing it in their face is linked to the emotion, and it shows that these two, combined with an airtight marketing plan, this shows that the bond between marketing and advertising truly is a symbiotic relationship.