Marketing Childcare Services


With nurseries improving all of the time, competition is becoming fiercer. With overall quality levels rising, you need to do everything in your power to standout from the other nurseries in your area. There are various ways you can achieve this. Nevertheless, it all begins with projecting a professional business image. This is vital. After all, you want parents to feel confident in your service and trust that you are going to look after their children well. The only way they are going to do this is if you have a strong and professional identity as a superior nursery establishment. 


You need to think about how crucial your service is. Parents will often conduct a lot of research before they select a nursery. When it comes to the welfare of their children, no one is going to cut corners. You may offer an excellent childcare service, however, if you are not projecting this your business image, then it will be having a seriously detrimental impact on your nursery and you will undoubtedly be missing out on opportunities to fill up your nursery places. It is up to you to build that high level of trust and confidence in your service. You can’t merely tell parents that you are the best option for them. You need to show them that this is the case with the professional image you project.


One of the most important things to do is supply a considerable amount of information about your nursery and the service you provide. Parents will feel a lot more at ease if they have a good understanding of how their child is going to be looked after and what they are going to be doing whilst they are at nursery. Your website and your print materials, such as brochures, can be a good way of offering this information to parents in a manner they can digest at their own pace. Make sure SEO is incorporated into everything. You should also consider incorporating reviews from current parents that use the nursery for their children, or indeed those that have done in the past. If parents see that other parents have been happy with the service you provide then they are going to be more inclined to use it as well.


Aside from this, you must use professional business documentation if you are to project the image you are hoping for. This includes everything from letterheads to invoices. In fact, the latter is exceptionally important, as a quote template and invoice template for a nursery is slightly different from a standard invoice. There are several extra pieces of information you should incorporate. This includes the likes of your opening hours, the child’s attendance, your Ofsted registration number, the charge per hour and any additional charges, such as the cost of meals or snacks. If you were to just send a bog-standard invoice template, it wouldn’t really work. It would look unprofessional as well, which may lead the parent in question to have concerns over the quality of your service. After all, documentation is a fundamental aspect of any business and thus if you cut corners with this, what else may you cut corners with?