Marketing Superstars: Interview with Richard Krevolin, author of The Hook


From writing Hollywood films to shaping powerful brand narratives, author Richard Krevolin certainly knows a thing or two about how to craft a good story.

While Krevolin was a screenwriting professor at USC, dinner with the CMO of Unilever’s hair care division turned into a trip around the world and the discovery of his newfound passion. His task was to aid Unilever’s marketing team in telling authentic stories about women’s real hair care problems in 30 second TV spots. Krevolin champions a simple formula that has to do with what he calls the brand’s “DNA”; he helps marketing teams determine if the story they’re telling is aligned with their brand’s DNA and eliciting the right emotional response from consumers.

“If it’s too much info and not enough emotion, you’re in trouble, but if it’s too much emotion without any info, you’re in trouble,” Krevolin said. “My definition of a good story is information wrapped in emotion.”

Krevolin recently published a book detailing his storytelling tactics titled The Hook: How to Share Your Brand’s Unique Story to Engage Customers, Boost Sales, and Achieve Heartfelt Success. Get your copy now!

Other highlights from this week’s episode of CMO Radio include:

Defining your brand’s DNA (5:17)
Translating brand DNA to the digital sphere (10:39)
Creating emotional connections (15:15)
Fostering a culture of inclusion (19:45)