Marketing Tips For Your Firearm Store


If you work in the business of selling firearms, then you’re all too familiar with some of the hurdles faced in marketing.  Facebook, for instance, blocks sales advertising of firearms.  However, there are still plenty of free avenues to travel in terms of marketing your operation.  

If you’ve had trouble finding ways to spread the word about your firearm business, a little research may help you find a more effective path.  Here is a brief look at a few marketing tips that will help build your brand and boost your firearm store.  

Marketing with organic shares

Facebook may not allow gun advertising directly, but it doesn’t block what it’s users share organically.  Work to develop your brand on a couple of the more popular social media platforms, and engage with your followers along the way.  

Staying active on social media will help to build your collection of fans/followers.  Run special deals and sales for added interest, and give people a reason to share your sensitive information with friends and family

Work on developing your website

Whether you have a brick and mortar location, or not, you need a well developed web presence.  Developing your brand online starts with a strong website.  This Glock Blue Label website provides an excellent example of a workable design

Focus on providing plenty of different avenues for communication, detailed information about your products, and don’t forget to connect with your target audience on your “About Us” page

Market through your email connections

Email marketing is another effective way to use the world’s connection to the digital realm to forward your business and your brand.  Collect email connections using your business website and your social media presence.  

You can also use each conversion as an opportunity to gather a new email connection.  Build your email rolodex, and use that platform to keep your brand fresh in the minds of consumers.  

Paid advertising on Google and Bing

Paid advertisement boosts on Google and Bing are absolutely worth the investment for your business.  Get the extended ads too, as Google and Bing don’t charge anything extra for the added marketing content.  

You should work to organically conquer the SERPs (search engine results pages), but paid adverts give you the top space regardless.  Use both to build visibility online, and place your business in front of the eyes of more consumers.  

Develop your knowledge of SEO

Learning what Google uses to determine a website’s placement in the SERPs will help you refine the details of your marketing content’s design.  Learn what aspects of your digital design matter most when ranking is considered for Google, and design to cater to the most dominant search engine on the web.