Marv White is a “BizProfitPRO”


What is your name and official title? 

Marv White, Managing Partner of BizProfitPRO.

Tell me about all about BizProfitPRO.

BizProfitPRO’s tagline is “Our business is your profit.” White’s business wants to make their clients as profitable as possible. More specifically, BizProfitPRO strives to help businesses with successful strategies and exit planning. As far as these business strategies are concerned, White specializes in development, product planning, and increasing revenue by focusing on change management, human resources, sales, marketing and finance.

BizProfitPRO finds the area that needs the most assistance and focuses on fixing any issues that are hindering the business.

Marv White has 10 years of experience running his own businesses and consulting fellow business owners nationwide. BizProfitPRO has 3 full-time employees, and various freelancers that work on social media and graphics for the company.

What makes BizProfitPRO the leader in its industry?

Even though BizProfitPRO has offices in Atlanta and Connecticut, they service companies nationwide. White applies real world theories to each company’s desired success, applying life situations to various business strategies. “We don’t necessarily give companies a business plan, but a road map. CEOS/Owners need to see how many cars (consumers) are on the road, and how fast the cars are travelling.”

White also does business valuations for companies, and is sure to look at how specific elements affect valuations while looking at issues from all angles.

What contributions have you made towards the world?

“We believe in entrepreneurs, as they make up 80% of businesses out there.” BizProfitPRO wants to help people who want to be successful achieve their goals.

White’s book, Seven Pillars to Profit is “the blueprint on how to work on the right things,” because “success is achieved when you start working on the right things and stop working hard on the wrong things.”

Who has influenced you to become the successful individual that you are today?

“I have had a lot of very strong mentors along the way that were excellent leaders: very passionate about what they did, and very good with people. They understood how to collaborate with people. Some mentors became partners eventually, even allowing me to rent space from them while I work on my first business. This inspired me to help others as well.”

What key qualities do you look for in your team?

Marv White values intellectual curiosity because “things are moving so quickly in regards to how we apply technical solutions to old problems. When keeping up with technology, there are universal expectations.” A person that is intellectually curious will also strive to be as actively innovative as possible. “The perfect employee today will not be perfect two years from now because technology will have changed and expectations will have walked further away from that person.”

Words of advice.

“Have a plan. Soemthing that spells out what you should be doing everyday. Schedule yourselves on a daily basis, hour by hour so that you can allocate time to make everything work. Map out your success on your calendar, understand the components and elements that are required. When you aren’t sure what to do, look for outside help.”



Marv White’s book, Seven Pillars to Profit


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Contributed by: Super Julie Braun

Interviewed/Written by: Savanna McKellar, Senior PR Agent