Maximising Profits by Focusing on Your Website


Now, more than ever, having an effective and impressive website is absolutely essential for your business’ success. E Commerce has steadily been on the rise for years now. Having a good quality website has helped countless businesses to thrive for a while now. Think about it – if you have a website, you can make sales to customers from all around the world with the simple addition of international shipping. You maximise your target demographic and maximise sales. On top of this, people can shop with you anytime from anywhere. People can shop with you through the night, on bank holidays, on national holidays and other times when a brick and mortar store might be closed. People can also shop with you without having to travel to you. They can shop on their lunch break. They can shop during the commute. They can shop when they’re watching TV at home. However, the coronavirus pandemic now means that more people than ever before are relying on online shopping for all of their goods. As people are avoiding spending as much time around others on a face to face basis, they’re growing increasingly fond of shopping from the comfort of their own homes and having products delivered safely to their doors. So, now is the time to start focusing on your website. Here are a few areas to consider first and foremost!


Secure a Domain


If you don’t yet have your own domain, it’s time to secure one. Sure, free domains are fine, but they tend to look a little less professional, reducing people’s trust in spending with you. Instad, invest in the domain for your brand name.


Collaborate with Web Designers, Developers and UX Designers


Once you have your domain name, it’s time to focus on your website itself. Now, this is pretty complex work and chances are you aren’t going to speed through a full course on web design and web development. Instead, it’s best to collaborate with the professionals. Use a company like christian website designers. They will do their utmost to ensure that you have a site thatnot only looks great, but is responsive and works well too. If you’re doubting the importance of an appealing website, bear in mind that various studies have shown that people tend to decide whether they’re going to stay on a site or click the exit tab within a matter of seconds. Your site needs to draw people in and keep them on your pages for you to secure sales. Make sure to have a thorough consultation with your designers so you can ensure they know exactly what you want. Make sure to provide information on:


  • Branded colours
  • Your logo
  • Branded fonts


You should also discuss the different pages you want included on your site. Avoid straying too far from the norm, as you don’t want to overwhelm users or leave them include. It’s generally best to include:



You may also want additional features for the sake of marketing, such as a mailing list sign up form, pop ups with offers and more.


Product Photography


Of course, if you’re selling products, you’re going to need quality product photography. At the end of the day, product photographs are almost all your customers have to go by when it comes to deciding whether to buy something or not. While many companies try to take care of these photos themselves, smartphones and an amateur’s eye will simply never compare to a professional product photographer’s services. They’ll show products off in their best light and make them as appealing as possible.


Website Copy


Website copy is also extremely important for any webpage. Copy is essentially the words you use on your site. They will feature on your landing page, in product descriptions, in your about pages, in your FAQs, in your blog posts and much more. Words can determine whether someone shops with you or not. They can convey your brand. They can convey the perks of spending with you. So make sure to use a professional copywriter for all copy across your site. Browse potential candidates’ portfolios. Most will work on a freelance basis, so you can benefit from their services without the responsibilities of becoming an employer.


As you can see, websites are pretty pivotal to any business’ success right now. So make sure to focus fully on yours. Having a great quality website could significantly improve your profits, so it’s more than worth the investment!