Maximizing Your Exposure: Five Tips for Getting the Best Trade Show Possible


Trade shows are a great way to bring more attention to a business. However, certain things must be remembered to ensure the organization gets the best return on investment. By making use of the five tips below, a company will find they get the maximum exposure without spending a fortune to accomplish this goal.

Act Quickly

Trade show participants are competing with every other organization taking part in the event. A visitor’s attention must be captured within three minutes or he or she will continue on to a new booth. When choosing a trade show booth, keep this in mind and choose the one that is appropriately sized for the venue. In addition, design the booth in such a way as to catch a person’s eye as he or she walks by. This helps to maximize the exposure of the organization.

Less is More

Don’t go overboard, however, when creating the booth. While it is helpful to have everything on hand a visitor may want or need, a cluttered booth will turn people off. Place those items of less importance toward the front of the booth and have the visitor come further in to obtain the information he or she wants or needs. Cluttered displays make it difficult for the visitor to find what he or she is after and may have them looking elsewhere for this material.


Be prepared to pay more to get a booth in a high traffic area within the venue. Furthermore, request this space early, as these booths do tend to sell out. However, the location is as important when it comes to the trade show booth as it is when an entrepreneur chooses the physical location of his or her business. Keep this in mind and set aside money for this purpose to obtain the best results.

Manning the Booth

Prepare those who will be manning the booth for any question or concern of visitors. These employees represent the business and must be engaging, informative, and helpful. If they are not, the visitor may assume the business won’t be of benefit to them either and choose to work with a competitor instead. Be sure to have videos or interactive displays available to draw customers in and fill their time until they are able to speak to a staff member as well. This helps to ensure they don’t move on to another booth if there is a wait time to talk to someone.

Know the Goals

What is the goal of participating in the trade show? It is to draw attention to a new product or to let consumers and other businesses know what the company offers? Create a booth that focuses on this goal rather than one booth that tries to accomplish everything in one setting.

Incorporate these tips when creating and manning a booth at a trade show. Those who do so discover they get more exposure and their organization benefits greatly as a result. Don’t forget to follow up with visitors after the event as well. By doing so, a company helps cement the brand in the visitor’s mind and allows the organization to stand out from those who don’t take this step. Small actions such as these truly do make a difference in how a visitor remembers a trade show participant and pay off in the long run.