Media Alert: Press Conference City of Pasadena, Texas



Latinos for Trump

In association with: Republican Party of Texas and MLK Association of Houston


Bianca Garcia, Hispanic Engagement Director Republican Party of Texas
Direct: 832-277-5062
Elizabeth Perez, Hispanic Activist Harris County GOP
Direct: 832-283-3282

WHAT:  We are requesting a Press Conference to urge City of Pasadena City Council to support Governor Abbott and the President regarding SB4 and immigration enforcement laws.

WHY: A group of Pasadena TX residents, Hispanic activist and the MLK Association of Houston will be holding a press conference at the next City Council Meeting to negate any discussion of the City of Pasadena joining the SB4 Lawsuit against the State of Texas.

We would like to go on record to discuss why we are against suing the State, why we support SB4, and why we support our Governor and President. On Saturday July 1st a press conference was held by some other activist encouraging the City of Pasadena to join lawsuit and in support of suing the State.  We would like to show equal representation and be given the opportunity to speak in favor of SB4.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Media and activists

WHERE: Pasadena TX City Hall 1211 Southmore Pasadena TX 77502 New City Hall behind Main Library off Southmore and Davis St.

WHEN:  Wednesday, July 5th at 9:30 a.m.





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