Meet Jimmy Sansone, CEO and founder of The Normal Brand


1. Name and official title.

Jimmy Sansone, Founder/CEO

2. Tell us about the business/for purpose organization

We created The Normal Brand in March 2015 to fill a void in the market. Our mission is to cater to a lifestyle spent between the city and the country and design clothes that can be worn easily in both settings. We draw inspiration from a Midwestern lifestyle and the values held sacred in America’s heartland. Our team is currently comprised of six people, and we hope to add more full-time members in 2016.

3. What makes your company/organization the leader in its industry?

We are one of America’s fastest growing apparel companies because our product is superior and our story is authentic. People relate to the lifestyle we represent. The Midwest has long been thought of as flyover land or leftover country, so having a brand celebrating this life is appealing to people. We aren’t trend chasing; we offer extremely high-quality products you can get a lot of value out of. We specialize in making versatile, durable, comfortable gear. In addition, we receive emails every day thanking us for starting this company because we make our customers feel proud, and that is the sign of a powerful, meaningful brand.

4. What contributions have you made/ are willing to take towards the world?

We have partnered with some incredible charities, including Stray Rescue of St. Louis — an organization that rescues stray animals in need of medical attention, restores them to health, and places them in loving adoptive homes. We’ve also partnered with Waterboys Initiative — led by NFL star Chris Long — which is committed to helping build clean water wells in East Africa.

5. Who or what has influenced you?

My parents are my biggest influence. They raised 10 children and instilled a sense of confidence in each one of them. They always encourage us to think outside the box and be entrepreneurial in our ventures. We all played sports through college and I can’t think of a single game in my life that they have not been at, while each running their own very successful businesses. They are the most successful people I know.

6. What key qualities do you look for in a team?

I look for people who have been on teams before and believe in working together for a greater purpose. I also look for a strong work ethic and a good sense of humor. I don’t want to be around someone who can’t laugh at him/herself. We work long days, so enjoying the people you spend the day with is really important.

7. Words of advice for others growing their business/for purpose organization?

I don’t pretend to know everything. I ask for advice and help all of the time, but I do believe in myself and I am confident I can achieve the goals I have set. I think having that inner confidence is really important.

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Super-Julie SmallerWritten/Edited by:Andi Lanning