Meet Sameera Sullivan, Chief Matchmaker and CEO of Lasting Connections


Name and official title of the CEO:

Sameera Sullivan, Chief Matchmaker and CEO of Lasting Connections

Tell us about your business.

Sullivan founded Lasting Connections in April 2012 after realizing the absence of a matchmaking service for high net worth individuals. Equipped with a background in Psychology and a strong intuition, Sullivan saw Lasting Connections as budding business opportunity and opportunity to put her skills to work.

What makes your company the leader in this type of industry?

In a few short years, Sameera Sullivan has generated a reputation in the matchmaking industry as a results-motivated businesswoman. With only 3-5 clients per quarter, Sullivan works personally with clients to ensure their desires are prioritized. Sullivan personally interviews potential matches sourced from her own database and collaborates with matchmakers all over the United States, Canada, Asia, and Europe.

Lasting Connections clients are of high net worth and have the resources to attend dates in multiple cities. Typically if a client is limited to dating regionally, Sullivan will refer them to the best local matchmaker in that particular area.

Sullivan’s clients’ checklists typically describe a woman that is otherwise difficult for them to find on their own. Most clients are looking for intelligent, beautiful, and stable women. Lasting Connections has catered their exclusive database to include accomplished, motivated, and passionate matches in search of a real love, not just financial stability. Sullivan prides herself protecting her client’s best interests and matching them with compatible lifetime partners.

Furthermore, what really makes Lasting Connections unique is that they have an app with human matchmakers.

The Lasting Connections Elite Matchmaking App caked “Love Atlas” was born out of a desire to provide exclusive, high end service to quality singles who couldn’t afford the private matchmaking price tag. Often Sullivan and her team would come across serious singles for their database who simply didn’t have the net worth to afford a five or six figure price tag, but who still deserved – and craved – a high quality service.

The app service, priced at $299 a month, manages to bring many elements and aspects of elite matchmaking – such as in depth background checks and one on one interviews with personal matchmakers – to the masses. It’s a chance for Sullivan to help as many singles find love as possible, with the ultimate goal being to replicate the model successfully on a national and then an international scale.

What contributions have you made and are willing to take towards the world?

Sullivan is passionate about empowering female entrepreneurs and plans to host workshops across the country and create scholarship programs for aspiring businesswomen with limited financial resources. Described as “Shark Tank” exclusively for female entrepreneurs, the program would also match women to mentors that would offer assistance and encouragement in navigating the business world.

Who or what has influenced you?

Sullivan is grateful to her parents and husband for their support and encouragement to keep challenging herself.

What key qualities do you look for in your team?

Lasting Connection’s employees are creative, ambitious, and loyal. Sullivan describes her team members as, “people who can see the big picture.”

Words of advice for others growing their business.

Sullivan admits that business is never easy. In the business world, and as an entrepreneur, one is continuously taking chances, risks, and improving their next strategy. Her most important words of wisdom stress the dangers of becoming “too comfortable.” As long as one is willing to be uncomfortable and accepts the reality of uncertainties, one will succeed. Sullivan offers this same advice to singles as well – “Get out of your comfort zone if you want to meet the person of your dreams!”
Although everyone wants to be successful, not everyone knows what it takes. However, the rewards in the end are huge if one continuously has faith in their business. Things that most people are never able to experience, one will experience if you go on the entrepreneurial journey. “You can manifest anything if you truly believe and make yourself uncomfortable!”


Super-Julie Smaller

Edited by Juan Velez, PR Agent