Meet Will Thomson, Founder and President of Bulls Eye Recruiting



Name and official title of the CEO or founder of the company.

Will Thomson, Founder and President of Bulls Eye Recruiting


Tell us about your business.

“I’ve been recruiting since 1995 and I started Bulls Eye Recruiting March of 2015. It began about four years ago with me blogging under the Bulls Eye Recruiting name and when people began to ask me about my business and what I did, I turned the blog into a recruiting agency recruiting sales people.”


What makes your company a leader in your industry?

“I really try to understand the candidates and what they are looking for and I ask the tough questions that no one really wants to ask when hiring sales people. With Bulls Eye Recruiting, I’m looking to build long-term relationships with every candidate and hiring company so they keep coming back, so I take pride in what I do and make sure to do it well.”


What contributions have you made and are willing to take towards the world?

“At the end of the day, I am a Christian, and I believe we have a calling of greater good that goes beyond our business, so I think giving back to the community is important. I am actively involved with an organization here in Austin, Texas called the Launch Pad job club that helps people get back to work because I’m a firm believer that we’re called to help people. I want to be remembered as a person that did good for others.”


Who or what has influenced you?

“When I started recruiting in 1995, I worked for a recruiting company called Aerotek and it was there that I learned everything I know about recruiting and where I developed the work ethic that I have today. Working for a staffing agency prepared me for what I do now and helped me develop a ‘can’t and won’t lose’ attitude. I have seen success and failure and I have been able to relate to people on a deeper level because of that.”


What key qualities do you look for when you are recruiting candidates for companies?

“I look for drive, passion, and for people who aren’t satisfied with the status quo. Candidates should be striving to reach higher and do better. Ethics are a really big deal to me, so how a candidate deals with their clients and what they have to say about them tells me a lot about the candidate I’m looking to recruit. At the end of the day we are all people and we have to treat each other with respect, so I look for a high level of integrity from candidates.”


What words of advice do you have for others growing their business?

“Put a business plan together and make sure the brand you’re creating is personal and relatable. I also think it’s so important to understand that growing a business doesn’t happen overnight. Before I started Bulls Eye, I blogged for four years about recruiting, and that helped build my brand immensely, but my company didn’t take off right away. It takes time to see any measurable success and when you haven’t seen any yet, keep going. There are going to be bad days and good days…days when you feel like you know exactly what you’re doing, and days when you feel like you’re completely lost. That is completely okay. Don’t give up.”


What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced starting up your business?

“One of the biggest challenges and most important lessons I’ve learned since the launch of Bulls Eye Recruiting, is learning that not every client is going to be a good client. I’ve dealt with some unethical individuals, and learned that turning away business in order to keep the integrity of your brand is crucial.”




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Contributed by: Super Julie Braun Written/Edited By: Alexandria Rae Martinez, PR Agent