Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Painting Business


If you want to build a painting business that grows outside of you doing all of the work and doing all of the work yourself, then you’ll need to improve your business skills.

The actions you take during your first couple of years of business can be the difference between going out of business (and having to go back to a job) or growing a thriving business that always feeds you and your family.

Here are five mistakes to avoid when starting a painting business.

Mistake #1: Not Getting Online

It’s important to get your business online and start building your own marketing assets. It’s a mistake to rely solely on referrals or offline marketing channels at this age.

More and more people are searching for services on the internet, and this number will only increase.

Will I write this article, we’re currently sitting in quarantine during the coronavirus. Business is still going, but things are changing fast.

Fewer people are going outside and more people are on the internet.

Of course, things won’t always be like this, but mark my words that we will see lasting changes that move business marketing even further towards the internet.

If you don’t have a website, get one and start ranking it on Google.

Mistake #2: Not Asking For Reviews

They say that the only two things you have are your word and your reputation. Those are two things that you never want to lose.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen a lot of skilled contractors lose their business or have to start over because of a few bad reviews.

To prepare yourself for the day when you face a customer who you can’t please no matter what, you’ll want to have a “cushion” of good reviews.

At the end of a job, we like to ask a customer, “are you satisfied with our work?”

If they answer, “yes”.

I’ll tell them how much I’d appreciate if they’d share their feedback on Google or Facebook. You’d be surprised how people enjoy leaving good reviews for local businesses that do right by them.

Mistake #3: Not Focusing On Growing Your Business

What’s going to make you more money?

You painting 40 hours/week charging $50/hour

Or you paying 5 people to paint 40 hours/week, paying them $25/hour and keeping the other half?

The truth is, you only have 24 hours in a day to charge for your services. Depending on where you live, you can only charge so much per hour for your services. This means that eventually, the only way you’ll be able to make more money is by hiring more people.

Mistake #4: Not Hiring The Right People

So you’ve decided you need to hire more people to grow your business.

Before you do so, make sure you put the time and effort into finding the right people.

We’ve been painting in Grand Rapids and we have 97 five-star reviews on Google and 260 five-star reviews on Bird Eye.

This is not a fluke or luck.

This is because we’ve mastered hiring and training the RIGHT people. We mainly look for people who are hardworking, trustworthy, and coachable.

You see, we can’t be at and oversee every job to ensure it gets five-star quality. However, we can take the extra time to show our employees how to ensure five-star painting and customer service is delivered every time.

Mistake #5: Doing Small Jobs Just For Money

If you want to build an actual business, you need to set a minimum for the size of the project you’ll take. 

In theory, a quick $300 job may only take two hours in theory, but the truth is these jobs always seem to cause the most headaches for some reason. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found value in this article. From all of our years in the painting business, we can think of tons of mistakes we’ve made that if we knew what we know now, we wouldn’t have made.

We learned from them and refined our business to reach the point we are at today.

You can do the same!