Modern-World Frauds Covered by a Law Firm


Lawyers are usually people we trust to protect our legal interests. They seem to be solid and reliable. But who can break the law more effectively than a prominent lawyer? Vast experience and special knowledge give this person an opportunity to escape the responsibility for some time. However, everything comes to an end sooner or later.

This winter, people who use the services of a brilliant Cyprus lawyer Michael Kyriakides were surprised to hear about police searches in his company offices and home. The lawyer was prosecuted for connections with the criminal world. His company Harris Kyriakides LLC was closed.

Charges against Michael Kyriakides

The basis for these searches and charges was an investigation of several cases of fraudulent obtaining Cypriot residence permit and citizenship. The searches were conducted in one more company involved Quality Property Developments. The police checked the firms and houses of three more employees besides Michael Kyriakides. They took all the computers and relevant documents that may contain important facts.

Both of these companies offered their “help” in obtaining a Cypriot permanent residence. Michael Kyriakides promised 100% approval even for the clients who had previous rejections of their applications. Besides, the whole procedure took only two months.

The basic condition of receiving the permit was the investment of 300,000 euros in a Cypriot residential property. The property in question had to be included in the special list of the firm’s assistants. The price for such property was usually 240% higher comparing to the regular market price. At present, it is known that the “speed up” procedure was used by 42 foreigners.

Michael Kyriakides and Criminals

Among the numerous customers of Michael Kyriakides, one interested the police forces in a special way. It was Mehdi Ebrahimi Eshratabadi wanted by Interpol. This Iranian was naturalized and got a passport of the Republic of Cyprus. Now he was called Tony Newman.

Besides, Michael Kyriakides  “helped” two more relatives of Mehdi Ebrahimi Eshratabadi. One of them was his son Maleksabet Ebrahimi also wanted by Interpol for the crimes committed in Iran. The police wanted to know if Michael Kyriakides knew his services were used by frauds. The numerous proofs found stated that the lawyer knew he worked with the criminal clients. Now the question is whether Michael Kyriakides has a closer connection with the criminal world.

What Is the Future of Law-Abiding Customers

Together with frauds and criminals, Michael Kyriakides had numerous customers with an unblemished name. However, the company did not inform them about the issues. They also hide the fact that police now have their documents. In fact, after deprivation of the license, Michael Kyriakides froze the firm completely and stopped answering the client requests. He also refused to give his clients back money for the services he did not provide.

The customers want to know, whether the lawyer is going to deceive them and to run away with their money. The employees of the company weren’t involved in the fraudulent activities willingly. Now they lost their jobs. Now the Michael Kyriakides clients hope that the lawyer is going to pay back the damage incurred.

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