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If money discussions bring chaos to your household, Jeff Motske, Certified Financial Planner and author of the book ‘The Couples Guide to Financial Compatibility’ will help bring order back to your living room. In this interview, he speaks about the financial date-night, the parable of the financial house, and how to deal with the problem of boomerangs…

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Who doesn’t stress about Money? If we are broke, we are always trying to make more and worried about where the next check will come from. If we’re rich, we still worry about making more- and maintaining it. Money and personal finances are still one of the few taboo things to talk about. We just don’t do it – we complain about it, but we don’t disclose numbers. It’s one of a few social graces that has not changed very much over the years.
This year alone we’ve witnessed several companies, including Radio Shack close up its doors for good. Other major chains like Sears, Abercrombie & Fitch, Barnes & Noble, Anna’s Linens and Aerospostale have confirmed that they will be closing many if not all of their stores due to diminished sales and/or bankruptcy. These stories, although they may not affect us personally, can affect the level of stress we carry about our own financial situation. Its societal data points like this that remind us that financial success can be tough to achieve and can be fleeting.

Today’s episode focuses on how to help couples talk about money. My guest is Jeff Motske. He is the CEO of Trilogy Financial; host of the show “Declare Your Financial Independence” on 1110AM KFAX San Francisco, and the author of “The Couples Guide to Financial Compatibility”. Jeff talks with us about building a financial legacy; how to talk you’re your spouse about a family budget and how to talk with your adult kids about financial responsibility when they move back home. He’s also going to tell us all about his “War of the Wallets” quiz that you can take online with your spouse.
When Trilogy was in its infancy, Jeff started out meeting his client’s needs based on where they were in life and what their financial goals were. He took a small town approach when his competitors were sticking with Wall Street strategies. This approached has grown Trilogy into a nationwide company whose client’s investments surpass $2 billion dollars. Jeff provided us with a lot of insight and some great tips on helping couples talk about their finances and plan for   …. more

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More information about Jeff’s book “The Couples Guide to Financial Compatibility” as well as his “War of the Wallets” quiz and links to Trilogy Financial Services



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