More Than a Product: How Products Affect Customers and Vice Versa


The main source of revenue for pretty much any business is their product. Whether it’s apples or consulting services, every company has something it would like to contribute to the world. But any seasoned business person knows it’s not just about people buying your product, but how the product affects them. What matters about a product is what it does for their lives and more importantly, how it makes them feel.

Products are not something that people just use. If that were the case, everything would be boring, colorless and completely utilitarian. Humans are emotional creatures, and they use that emotion, as well as the function of the product, to make purchase decisions. Decorations are examples of products that normally have little to no utilitarian value but are purchased every day and show up in most people’s homes. It makes the purchaser feel good to walk in and see their decorated home. Office supplies are very useful, but when people shop for them, they are much more likely to buy stuff that looks cool or is brightly colored instead of the plain black or off-white products. Many people feel happy when they purchase a product that is not only useful, but expresses their personality.

Although visual appeal is important, there are tons of ways to invoke positive emotions in consumers. Customer service is a very important creator of emotion, both good and bad. To make sure we always delight our customers, we perform the utilitarian functions of answering questions and helping them through processes, but we also let the costumer know that we are happy to help and ensure that they are happy with their service. Our website is a big part of our product for most of our customers, so we make sure it’s not only useful, but beautiful and fun.

Although the core purpose of a product can do a lot to benefit customers’ lives, we have to consider how products make them feel. Especially in competitive markets, the feeling customers get from a product could be the deciding factor for whether they continue to buy the product or buy it at all.



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