Movers NYC: Is it Safe to Move to New York City Amid the Pandemic?




Rents are inexpensive. Prices are down. What a perfect time to move to New York City! But is it safe knowing that the Covid-19 virus is still out there? Can you prevent the virus from spreading when NYC movers are touching your stuff?

If you’re thinking of moving to New York City, then your timing is impeccable. Finding an apartment has never been this convenient, thanks to the pandemic. It’s so much cheaper, too! One can remember how scary it was during the first months of the Covid outbreak in the city. Most of the Covid cases in the country were from New York City. Many people have left, which means that there are a lot of available apartments for rent.


NYC Movers: Should you move to New York City?

Sometimes, moving can be unavoidable. But if there’s any way to change the moving date, then you’re better off waiting. Ideally, the best time to move is when they start lifting the social distancing measures. If you don’t have the flexibility, you’ll need to work closely with NYC movers. Understand what they are doing and what you need to do to ensure your safety.

But why New York City, of all places?

Living in the big apple can be fun. Once everyone gets the vaccine and life is back to normal, you’ll enjoy living in New York City. If you’re a sports fan, you’ll catch a baseball game with the Yankees or Mets, cheer on the Nets or Knicks, watch the Jets or Giants play football.

The arts and history scene are a big attraction in the city. If you’re an art enthusiast, you’ll love the Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Art. You’ll also love educational destinations, including the Museum of the Moving Image and the American Museum of National History.

And if you love eating, just like most people in the world, then you’ll enjoy the countless options of food. Even a simple Google search of any dish can yield infinite results. If you want to find something you’ll truly love in NYC, then it must be pizza. You’ll find so many options just scattered throughout the city.

If you’re an outdoor lover, you’ll be amazed to see how the city has quite a lot to offer. People often associate New York City with never-ending traffic, bustling sidewalks, and skyscrapers. Central Park is famous for its green space, with 843 acres of lawns, gardens, and walking trails. You can even find more than 70 hiking trails in the city and about 2,000 city parks.

New York City has everything you could imagine. But just like in any major decision, you must prioritize your health and safety at this time. If you’re in a high-risk group – suffering from asthma, diabetes, or if you’re over 60 – then it’s best to postpone your move. If you can find an alternative, like renting a moving truck, then consider delaying your move.

How bad is the Covid-19 situation in New York City?

If you’ve read newspapers or watched the news about the Covid-19 situation in New York City last year, you’d know how the city struggled. The number of cases was very high, which resulted in a lot of residents fleeing the city. The virus hit the city harder than other places in the world. Right now, the virus continues to spread in other areas in the US. However, it looks like there’s a decrease in the number of cases and hospitalizations in the city. That’s right – they’ve hit a short-term peak, thanks to the state’s efforts in distributing the vaccine.


How to safely move to New York City with NYC movers

If you aren’t sure about the safety protocols for moving during the pandemic, then you’re in luck! While the cases remain high in other cities, we’ve come up with some tips to help you move safely to New York City.

Inform your NYC movers if you’re experiencing Covid-19 symptoms

To keep everyone safe, you must be transparent. Your movers will still work with you even if you caught the virus. They will only add safety protocols in place for protection.

Provide hand sanitizers for your movers

To help your movers follow the safety protocols, you can give them products they can use as they transport your things to and from the truck. That includes rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizers. As soon as they enter the door, they’ll have to use the hand sanitizer.

Never use recycled moving boxes

The coronavirus can survive on carboards for as long as 24 hours. Therefore, it isn’t the right time to pick up free moving supplies from establishments that recycle them. You can use the boxes you already have at home, but if you need more, then you must go to the store and buy them. To be safer, buy them via self-checkout.

Don’t push through if you’re in a high-risk group

Those who are over 60 and have pre-existing respiratory conditions should delay or cancel the move. The same goes for those with cardiovascular diseases. Your new apartment is not worth risking your life – even if it looks more beautiful. If you can push the date back until it’s safe to relocate, do it.

Plan your move accordingly

If you’re traveling from outside the city and need to book a flight to move, make sure to book a refundable flight. Work with companies that offer cancellations at no charge, too. Ask the companies about their cancellation policies if something comes up, so you aren’t wasting your money.

Cancel the moving services as early as possible

The sooner you inform NYC movers that you’re canceling the services, the better. If you only need to delay the move but want to know the process, the more you need to get in touch with them.

Moving to New York City during the pandemic requires you to follow all the safety protocols. The city is big and beautiful, but you won’t enjoy it if you end up getting sick for neglecting the safety guidelines. Make sure to uphold social distancing and sanitization requirements during the move.