Moving Aging Parents, Selling Their Home


Moving Aging Parents, Selling Their Home

One of the most difficult things for any person to undertake is beginning the process of caring for the best interest of their parents as they age. Deciding how and when the process of moving aging parents begins is traditionally the first step of this very emotional decision. And quite frankly, there are many people who would rather sweep this problem under the rug and never deal with it – but that’s not an option in real life.

Instead, sometimes the best thing you can do as your parents child is to openly discuss this issue and involve them in the process to ensure they live ahigher-quality of life and don’t have to worry about the stress and hassles involved in most home sales.Forbes, gives some great tips on when and how you know when it is time to think about moving your parents into another place.

Steps to Ensuring Moving Aging Parents Goes Smoothly

There are three basic steps that anybody can undertake when considering how to sell the Houston home and move your aging parents into a better household that can ensure they enjoy their golden years in comfort.

Openly discuss the idea with your parents.

Believe it or not, being open and honest is always the best course of action for a variety of life-altering decisions, especially when you’re worried about moving aging parents from their big homes to a more comfortable and easier lifestyle environment. It is very hard for parents as they age to accept the dangers of living on their own in a large home, but also the concerns you might have about other important daily life details including:
Safety; living on their own in a large house can cause several accidents to occur. Safety should always be a primary reason for moving aging parents.
Nutrition and Health concerns; living alone can also create several nutritional and health issues to occur for aging parents. As our parents age, their ability to cook normal meals on their own can be adversely effected due to common aging issues such as limited mobility and arthritis.

Talk openly about the options available in moving aging parents.

Like the step above, it is very important to openly discuss the options for moving your parents as well as selling their homes. Consider a few things when discussing this idea with your parents such as:
Talk with your parents about where they’d feel comfortable living. The worst thing you can do is make every decision for them – they will not be very kind to that type of approach, but if you opening ask them for their opinions and actively inquire about options this will be much easier for them.
Consider their friends and where they live. Another thing you should discuss with your parents is where their friends live and if it is a viable solution for them to find assisted living near their residence or even in the same location they live.
Talk to them about their desires for possessions. Once they and you have decided on a plan of action to sell their home, the next important decision is determining what material possessions they’d like to have brought with them and what items they’d consider either selling or giving to family members and friends. This can be a very emotional issue for many people, but again, as long as there is constructive and open communication, the process can be much easier and less emotional.
When you’re thinking about moving aging parents, the best advice is to remember to keep the decision openly discussed. Talk about the benefits of living a higher quality of life and finding a way to sell your house fast and easy and reduce the stress that comes with traditional home listings. This will ensure that they can move forward with enjoying their golden years. Call Brian Spitz, President of Big State Home Buyers at 713-574-0570 for more information about the various ways they are able to work with sellers and how they can be that reliable source you are looking for. Also, visit us online at for more helpful real estate related information