Moving Home Tips For The First Time Buyer


If you’re moving into your new home soon and you have bought it, ‘home’ this time might actually be very different for you, this time you will be a little more excited, and think things through a little more carefully since this is hopefully going to be your last move. Many people are very organised from the beginning however if you aren’t one of those people naturally then taking as much advice from people who have been there before, will be one of the best things you can do.

Make a list of everything you need to do, from throwing away rubbish to speaking to the letting agents, and even clearing the floor. Because when things become a little bit stressful having a list to refer to and check where you are in the process, will save you some unnecessary worry. Don’t forget the list of people you need to tell your new address to as well, this one can be a common thing that’s overlooked, and you really don’t want your old post going to your old address.


The moving boxes

This isn’t just how many cardboard boxes you can discover and throw everything in really what you need to do is keep everything as organised and tidy as possible until the big day. But there’s also a little box of tools that we have for upstairs and one for downstairs, that consists of scissors, Sellotape, pen and paper, and bin bags. This way you aren’t searching for essential items every five minutes, And wasting precious time. 


Hire a van

There are options when it comes to transporting your belongings, you can try and do it yourself with cars, are you been hiring a hall removal company if you wish as well. However, if you just want to hire a van for a few hours to make sure that it’s all like that and then bring it back. Quality truck leasing is essential with this one because it’s transporting all of your worldly goods from one house to another, setting a great example by handling the situation is with ease



Always ask for help when you’re moving house, there’s usually something extra to do that you’d forgotten about, there’s still a piece of furniture, that’s always a little bit heavier than you imagine and it’s always much more exhausting moving everything on your own. If you have friends and relatives that are more than happy to help, swallow that pride and accept the help. Make sure you buy them a drink the next time you see them at the very least.


Ultimately there’s not a lot you can do to get around the stress of moving house. But what you can do now is make sure that you are prepared, and feeling healthy; otherwise, it will make things worse all around. As well as ensuring you have an excellent solicitor on your side, you will also want some superb organisation skills to get you through the process calmly.