Moving To Bangkok, The Logistics And All You Need To Know


If you are looking to relocate to Bangkok Thailand then it could be the best move that you have ever made. There is however a lot to consider and some crucial steps to take prior to making your move. Here we will cover some topics to aid you ranging from ‘the cost of living, visas and documentation right through to food and transportation services. 

In addition, and likely one of the most important initial choices is which International moving company in Bangkok you will use. You will want to use a trusted firm who will offer competitive rates as well as take good care of your beloved belongings.

We have done some research for you to highlight the key points of interest and how to ensure your right move is done in the right way.

Cost of living.

The lower cost of living in Bangkok compared to most countries in the west is comparatively lower. Check out the link to see some general information. 

The monthly rate of serviced apartments in Bangkok would most likely allow you to rent a larger apartment than you had expected, or you can save this money to improve your lifestyle.

The cost of renting an apartment, as well as housing, medical care, and food, is significantly lower than in Western countries although it is very important to understand the medical system and what insurances there are available to you. There is no ‘national health service ‘so you either pay for insurance or pay the medical bills yourself.

Visa and documents.

To work in Thailand, you’ll need a work permit and a non-B visa. For you to remain in Thailand for the duration of your job contract, your employer must fund these papers. Use the following link to find out more about the visa requirements and what you need to do to extend your visa.

These documents are also required to rent any apartment that requires a one-year lease.

It may also be required to open a local bank account, which will make day-to-day local transactions easier while in Thailand.

Thai food.

Thai cuisine appears to be popular all over the world. You will be staying in one of the most thrilling cities on the planet and you should certainly take advantage of it.

Some of the city’s most famous “restaurants” are actually street food carts. Don’t be fooled by the cover of a novel.

Traffic and transportation.

Bangkok traffic, particularly during rush hour, can be extremely congested. However, the city has established a number of alternative modes of transportation that make getting around the city manageable, even during rush hour.

The city has two reasonably new rail public transportation systems, the BTS Skytrain and the MRT system, in addition to buses, taxis, motorcycle taxis, and water taxis along the river and canals.

The systems are currently undergoing expansion, and will soon provide even more connectivity to Bangkok’s most remote areas.

The city offers a unique perspective into Thai culture and you are sure to be impressed with the quality of life.