Need Help With Staffing? Here Are Some Tips To Get You Started


If you own a business or manage one, you know that the most difficult thing to find is a good employee. Human resources spend years coming up with various analyses and parameters to make sure that they find a person of value at an even better value. Unfortunately, with the market being what it is today, finding the right person is harder than ever. Having your own scouting and human resources team actively look for the correct candidates can be tiresome and extremely costly. It’s rife with bias and time-consuming processes. There has to be a better way than the snail-like methods currently in play. If you’re having an issue with staffing, here are some things you can do to find the right person for the job.


There are companies that specialize in providing staffing to certain industries. Usually, you’re not going to find a company that has every sort of employee for every sort of job. You’re going to find providers within each niche market. This is ultimately a better idea than spending the time and resources combing through every candidate in the pile. A good example of this is Bricks and Agent. If you are a property owner, upon signing up, you will be surprised to find that a provided bricksandagent maintenance manager has already been vetted for the niche job. If you establish a dialogue with an agency that has the kind of personnel that you need, you can base on their own processes and expertise whether or not their stock of individual workers would be right for you. 

Online Recruiting 

Another option that you have is to use an online service that provides you with likely candidates that are already pre-screened according to the criteria that you have set up. This can be a lot easier than just putting your address and your phone number out there with a “now hiring“ sign. There are many programs on the Internet that can do this efficiently. This, of course, is done through complicated algorithms with multiple parameters to help you narrow down the right individual. Some have been criticized for their biased means of narrowing down people. Overall, it’s worked for enough companies for it to be a viable means. 


Hiring Internally 

If you need people, especially in managerial positions, it is always best to hire internally. You can move people up the ranks as you think would fit. Increase benefits accordingly, and higher out entry-level jobs with low-risk, high-yield staffing options. This strategy may seem costly, but what it does is that it puts the negotiation in your hands. You can pay what you offer and lead an individual I think it through. If not you can run through the previous two options. At least with hiring internally, you save on unnecessary training and the probationary period necessary to get them acclimated to the work environment. 


Hiring people is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be supremely difficult either. There are services and agencies that will provide good people through the best estimation you can provide. With a new agency hire, you have a fresh start with a new individual that you know can be vouched for.