Need the Best Medical Insurance in India? Check for These 8 Things


Our life is packed with surprises and uncertainties. A medical emergency is one of them. Busy and hectic schedules make us vulnerable to a myriad of lifestyle diseases. This could be a lack of a balanced diet, stress and even lack of physical exercise. People are susceptible to lifestyle diseases even at a young age. Some of them include health ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and many other illnesses. Coupled with medical inflation, these factors have given us valid reasons to purchase the best medical insurance policy. It is imperative to be prepared to face the financial consequences of an unexpected health problem. There are plenty of healthcare plans available in the market with unique coverage benefits. Hence consumers must assess their needs and then purchase the best medical insurance policy.  Let’s take a look at the key aspects of health insurance plans. 

Policy Type 


There are different medical insurance plans such as individual health insurance plans, family floater plans, senior citizen plans, group health plans, critical illness insurance, etc. Always choose a plan that would meet an individual’s unique needs. It would be imperative to access the needs and make a comparative study with due diligence to decide.  


Right coverage


The right health insurance plan can offer protection against a broader range of medical illnesses. Look for unique coverage benefits including critical illnesses, pre and post hospitalization expenses, day-care expenses, cashless treatment, domicile care facilities, transportation etc. If you are thinking of purchasing the best medical insurance policy for yourself or your family, check whether the plan meets the medical needs of each member of the family. 


Waiting Period


All medical insurances have a waiting period from 3 months to a year. There could be a significant difference between general insurance and policy for pre-existing illnesses or maternity benefits. Consumers cannot file a claim under medical insurance coverage during the waiting period. Thus, choose the best medical insurance plan with the least waiting period or invest early. 


Co-Payment Clause


Some medical insurance policies have co-payment options. Under this clause, a part of the hospital expense is borne by the policyholder. This option would add some financial pressure on the policyholder. However, the co-pay does reduce the premium amount. 


Adequate sum insured

Budget is the inevitable concern when purchasing the best medical insurance plan. The sum insured must be equivalent to meet your claims without burning a hole in your pocket. Therefore, buying a plan with the highest coverage at a reasonably priced, affordable premium is wise. In addition, a high sum insured value would provide maximum benefits for medical emergencies. 


Network Hospitals 


Consumers have the choice of availing cashless hospitalisation from network Hospitals. Therefore, it would be prudent to check for this list and seek assistance from these hospitals. Policyholders can also ask recommendations for the empanelled hospitals from their primary physician. 


Lifelong Renewability


Health insurance plans are generally renewed every year by paying the premium amount. Therefore, choosing the best medical insurance coverage with a life-long renewability option can be beneficial.



Exclusions are the terms and conditions under which the claim cannot be accomplished. Examine such exclusions beforehand to avoid confusion at the time of need. According to your requirements, it is advisable to understand and select the medical insurance policy from reliable companies such as Care Health Insurance. 

Health ailments have become an undeniable part of our lives. We must undoubtedly stay financially prepared to overcome the worst. In India, a layman’s understanding of medical insurance is only as good as what they hear from family and friends or what they see in an advertisement. However, it is not that difficult to understand how health insurance works. IRDAI has issued guidelines with 42 most generally used terms and conditions for health insurance companies to improve their service standards in India.