Need to Bounce Back? How to Rally this Summer for the Fall Semester!


Congrats college students!

Finals are finished, grades are posted, and summer is close to kicking off. How do you rate your performance and overall experience during the spring semester? What goals did you fulfill? If you had a great, successful semester, congrats and keep up the momentum!

When college students finish a semester and evaluate it as subpar, common reactions include questions about self-confidence and self-efficacy. Challenging conversations with parents about the investment being made in college cost adds to anxiety about the upcoming fall semester. Suggestions like, “You didn’t study enough” or “I just need to study harder next time” are only a small part of the story for a lack of academic success and college experience satisfaction. Subpar performance involves many factors. The good news is that if you have defined your performance this past semester as “subpar” you are aware that potential lies ahead in the fall semester. The trick is figuring out how to create an approach that puts you in the best position to succeed.

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Photo by Elvis Payne used under the following license.