Negotiation Tips to Get the Highest Settlement Possible for Your Injury Claim


Once you suffer injuries resulting from any serious accidents caused by someone else’s negligence, you are legally entitled to get total compensation for any losses experienced. However, insurance providers are not always willing to give accident victims the fair settlement they deserve; they often attempt to pay the lowest compensation possible.


After filing a personal injury claim for any type of accident, you will at some point have to sit down and negotiate a reasonable settlement between insurance providers or the party liable for the accident. You need to be adequately prepared to battle for a fair settlement when that time comes.


Some injuries can be very serious and life-altering, and without the right compensation, you may end up at a huge loss, especially if you can no longer go to work. Therefore, you need a lawyer who will successfully negotiate a higher injury settlement than offered. 

How Can You Negotiate a High Enough Settlement?

Have Your Mind Set on a Particular Amount 

With your lawyer’s help, analyze the losses you’ve experienced and determine the worth of your claim. Set your amount within that range but do not disclose this to the adjusters before they issue you with an offer. 


This will be your bottom line amount; however, you have to adjust this amount in case the adjusters inform you about new facts you may not have considered before. If you are offered a settlement within the range of the amount you had in mind, you can work towards a higher figure before settling.

Refrain from Taking the First Settlement Offer

As mentioned above, insurance adjusters try to offer the lowest settlement possible; therefore, you should never be quick to grab the first offer thrown at you. Sometimes they may just offer you the lowest amount they think they can get away with just to see if you know how much your claim is worth. 


Put Emphasis on the Emotional Impacts You Face

Point out how the injuries you sustained impacted you physically and mentally. Make sure to emphasize the strongest points towards your favour. The emotional effects you portray can have a significant impact on the settlement amount insurance adjusters intend to offer you.


If your injuries have impacted your ability to be more active with your children or caused you post-traumatic stress, mention those factors too.

Ask for Justification for the Offer You Receive

As a negotiation tactic, insurance providers are going to offer you the lowest settlement. Ask for justification for the low amount that the adjusters have offered. Write down whatever reasons they may provide and address each of those reasons with your own facts as you make a counteroffer.

Put It in Writing

After both parties bargain and agree on a fair settlement, write the terms on a letter stating the date you expect the payment to be allocated to you, the settlement amount you have agreed on, and the damages and losses covered in the agreement.

An Injury Settlement Is Aimed to Get You Back to How You Were before the Accident

Compensation is supposed to help you recover from the accident and get you back to the way you were before you had the accident. Although this is never possible in some cases, getting financial reimbursement can help alleviate some burdens including hospital bills, income loss, and many more expenses that may pile up as you are unable to provide for yourself anymore. Ensure you strive to get the most out of your claim.