New Money Market Rules and Investing in Your Plan B (


New Money Market Rules Effective 10/14/16 (please share)

1. No longer a total Safe Haven
2. Value (NAV) could be less than $1
3. Redemption Suspension like in other countries
4. Redemption Fees
5. Government Debt is exempted
6. Hard Assets are the only true liquidity

Investing in your Plan B:

1) Your 401k / IRA can invest in property both domestically and overseas
a. Buy Now and move later
b. Buy Now and use as rental
c. Remember you are investing overseas to change your lifestyle not bring it with you
d. Citizenship is available with investment

2) Consider investing in Property stable Latin American countries such as:
a. Belize
i. English Speaking
ii. Inexpensive
iii. Expat Community is growing
b. Ecuador
i. Stable – growing expat community
ii. Numerous clients who have used their retirement funds to invest in property
iii. One customer bought a hotel in a small village near Cuenca and is using it as retreat for Americans to use when considering expatriating to the area
c. Costa Rica
i. Very Large American community
ii. Stable government
iii. Becoming more expensive
3) Contact us to receive free information on investing in 57 great places in Latin America for Americanos