New Offerings of Businesses Created Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic


Businesses have to constantly adapt over time in order to stay or become successful. Lack of adaptation can lead a business to fall behind competitors. The Coronavirus pandemic forced businesses to adapt at a faster rate than ever before. Companies that had never had remote workers were required to shut down or allow their workforce to work from home if possible. Essential businesses still took a hit as restaurants had revenue crippled for a variety of reasons leading to millions of unemployment claims in the service industry. Below are new offerings and opportunities that businesses are offering to customers and jobseekers.

Telemedicine and New Testing

Telemedicine has become a way of life for plenty of people due to it being a requirement or the preferred options to avoid office waiting rooms. Telemedicine can be a perfect replacement and has even been shown to improve preventative care of patients. New testing has been created in order to get the results of the COVID-19 test. Antibody testing has been offered by various practices to see if you have previously been infected by the virus. Other companies are focused on a vaccine which could decrease the number of cases around the world and slow the spread immensely.

Delivery from Restaurants that Never Used This Sales Avenue

Delivery food exploded as people were cooped up but didn’t always want to cook. There was curbside takeaway along with restaurants partnering with delivery services that had never done so before. Restaurants with Michelin Stars actually had takeout options and delivery in larger cities like New York and San Francisco. Alcohol has also been delivered with mixed drinks coming in sealed containers as to adhere to the open container laws in many cities/states.

Online Fitness Classes/Training Sessions

Online fitness classes have been popular for some people for quite some time. For others, they would rather go into the gym and perform their workout. Zoom exercise classes have become more popular than ever due to the vast number of states that prohibited gyms to open. Top trainers around the world have begun offering their services virtually which can give an athlete or fitness buff the best workouts possible. Technique can be corrected and you can still be motivated by the trainer much like a traditional training session.

Opportunities to Work Remotely Permanently

The current lockdowns in certain areas have made it very inconvenient to do interviews physically. The opportunity that has opened up is that companies can find employees from around the world. Businesses are no longer limited to the talent in their area and can save money in many cases. A new hire is far more likely to accept a lower salary if they never have to step foot in the office. This gives people the opportunity to make a great living and save money by moving somewhere with a low cost of living. Remote workers can live a similar lifestyle to freelancers but might have more structure or requirements for the hours they work.

Businesses that had the option of adapting were lucky as certain businesses closed due to not having any other options. Adapting has led certain businesses to create new offerings for both customers and employees. Generating revenue at this time is important as it can keep a business afloat as the pandemic slows around the world.