Nitrogen-Filled Tires vs Air-Filled: Is It Worth It?


As an automobile owner, how well you take care of your tires determines how long they last. Your tires also have a direct effect on the condition of other parts of your car like the car’s suspension system. A simple process like inflating your tires properly will have your car lasting longer. What you inflate the tires with also is a determinant factor. So, should you inflate them with nitrogen or air? This article compares the two to help you make an informed decision. If you settle on nitrogen, there are a variety of Nitrogen generators you can find online.

Lose Less Air When You Fill with Nitrogen

Most tires are porous and lose a particular amount of air when they expand. Typically, the tires will lose about 1psi of pressure on average from all the tires per month, so it is advisable to check your tire pressure once or twice a month. Nitrogen molecules are a bit larger than normal air molecules. It means then that your tires will lose less amount of air on average when filled with nitrogen, than when filled with normal air. If you are the type of driver who forgets to check their tire pressure regularly, then you should go for nitrogen-filled tires.

Slow Down Wear and Tear

Another factor to consider is the wear and tear of your tires. Normal air is filled with 78% nitrogen, and the rest is a mixture of oxygen, water, and other molecules. Normal air has more moisture than nitrogen. This moisture can sip into your rub tires and cause them to start rotting. The rot, though not as fast, may have your tires wearing out faster than those with nitrogen. Nitrogen contains little to no moisture so your tires will have no chance of rotting from the inside. Apart from the rotting issues, keeping consistent air pressure also helps your tires last longer.

You Save on Gas

Saving gas is another advantage of inflating your tires with nitrogen. When you keep your tires inflated nicely, your car drives better due to the balance and you save on gas mileage. As noted earlier, nitrogen molecules are larger than air molecules so take time to escape from your tires thus keeping your tires well inflated for longer than air-filled tires. You never have to worry about finding the next gas station, especially when you are on a road trip.

You Get to Safe Time with Nitrogen Filled Tires

You can save a lot of time when you have your tires inflated with nitrogen. Nitrogen escapes slowly from the tires. Normal air will escape at a rate of about 11/2 PSI, faster than Nitrogen. You might have to check pressure every other time. If you are on a tight deadline and the move, you will waste more time going to the gas station every other time. When you fill your tires with nitrogen, you will spend more time going to the filling station and still keep your tires inflated properly.