Not Interested in Fiberglass Doors? Know Other Door Types


Based on their importance and demand, exterior doors are available in a huge range of style, shapes, material and colors. Their selection becomes more challenging when property owners do not know much about their needs and expected features. Since doors are made up of different materials, it is necessary to know that vinyl, wood, metal and fiberglass doors are the most preferred options. Apart from being insulating and energy efficiency, they are responsible for enhancing curb appeal in order to transform interior as well as exterior into a new things. So, the primary thing is to pick up an appropriate door material according to the requirements.

Wood Doors

Wood doors are the oldest type that has been particularly famous for natural finish and ability to take on any color to blend with the property. They give a classy look and are quite easy to install. Though, they cannot resist climatic changes, especially humidity level and moisture. They are prone to warping or swelling during hot or humid weather. Even, they ask for frequent inspection and maintenance.

Steel Metal Doors

The reason behind using steel as exterior door is dependability, durability and reliability that is not available in wood doors. They can withstand in rough weather situations like hurricanes or tornadoes, thanks to their sturdy and strong built. Steel doors are not designed for customization or painting but still, people can have maximum satisfaction with their installation.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors have got incredible popularity during the past few years. They are particularly used for enhanced curb appeal and durability that is not available in traditional wood doors and offer more security. The best thing is that fiberglass doors can be painted in any color to complement interior.

Vinyl Doors

Last but not the least, vinyl exterior doors make a good selection for homeowners who want modernized and trendy touch. Once they are installed, they last for years with proper energy utilization and rise in value. Though, this type does not prove easy for painting as compared to steel, wooden and fiberglass doors. They are reliable for people who don’t want to change door’s color in the near future. Even, they are cheaper but offer satisfactory services just like other materials.