Nura: Headphones- Adapting to How You Hear


Founders of Nura

Kyle Slater: CEO

Dr. Luke Campbell: CTO

Dr. Dragan Petrovic: COO

Tell us about your business

Nura is a startup company formed in early 2015.  The company’s mission is to connect people to all the music they love  in the way the artist intended by creating a product that can be customized to everyone’s unique hearing!

What makes your company unique in this industry?

“Our hearing is as unique as our own voices!”  We all hear differently and this is why different headphones suit different peoples hearing needs.

“Nura is a headset that automatically learns and adapts to the individual allowing you to hear all the detail in your music- the deepest bass and the clearest tones.”   This headset is made for you!

Nura launched its Kickstarter and met its funding goals in only 14 hours!  The project is now well over its $100,000 goal with $1,095,721 and is continuing to gain more and more support each day!

Who or what influenced you?

“Music is one of the greatest passions  in life and Nura brings people closer to it.  The Nura team is driven by love of both music and technology utilizing both to enable the best music experience possible.”

This is truly done for the love of music.

What key qualities do you look for in your team?

The Nura team looks for three key qualities in their team members:

Passion.  Determination.  Willingness to take risks for what they believe in.

Words of advice from Nura

Their advice is simple and true.

“Stay focused”

A goal must be kept in mind and one must always keep that focus direct and clear in order to bring the vision to fruition.



Edited by: Dennis Guerrero, PR Agent