Old is Gold- Buying and Incorporating Antique Things for your Home



A collection of antiques is not only a way to gather valuable items but to creatively decorate your home as well. Antiques are a charming addition to your decor. Display your antiques in ways that showcase their beauty and keep them safe from damage. Antiques are usually several years old and you may be surprised to find that you already have some items that fit this description in your closets and rooms.

From classic linen to a grandmother’s ring, there are numerous objects that can be classified as antiques and form a part of your growing collection. You have the option of keeping your valuables or selling them. It is a good idea to have the valuables that you buy appraised to know their value and get the best price in case you decide to sell them.

Shopping for Antiques

While shopping for antiques you need to make a decision regarding the type of things you want to find. Options include sculptures, artistic pieces and artwork from specific eras or periods. You also need to decide how much you can spend on an antique.

Garage sales are one of the sources of antiques that the owners may not want or consider to be valuable. A house auction is another way to find things that may not mean much to someone else but end up being a treasure for you. Look for antiques on the internet where there is a wide array of items that are up for sale on different sites.


Buy the best humidor that will give your cigars the classic home they deserve. These treasured and wrapped creations require safe storage. Start by determining the number of cigars that you need to store to ensure that they have enough space.

Reupholstering Old Chairs

Whether they are heirlooms that are treasured by your family or a stunning piece that you picked up at an auction, you can use your antiques around the home. Consider reupholstering an old chair for a contemporary appearance without compromising on its ancient charm.

Arranging Antiques

Books can be arranged together in a symbolic approach to capturing and documenting memories on a shelf. Place groups of objects together in a way that seems to tell a story and attracts the attention of anyone who passes by. From jewels to porcelain pieces, arrangements are always a good way to set up your antiques.



Expose all your vintage items such as glasses and cups and avoid hiding them or keeping them in storage. Their beauty and history need to be shared with family and guests. The effortless charm of a mixed collection of antique goblets would brighten up any home.

Innovative ways to use Antiques

  • Get innovative with your antiques in different ways such as displaying flowers in an antique wine bottle. Combining simple pieces with elaborate things creates an interesting contrast between elegance and relaxation.
  • Traditional wooden furniture can be updated in different ways for a fresh look.
  • Antiques can be used in contemporary settings where their unusual presence will stand out.
  • Mix the antiques of different styles and eras for a refreshing approach to home decor.
  • Use your wall as a personalized canvas where you can arrange framed photographs, drawings and paintings in a way that draws the eye to each item.
  • Serving tea in antique sets is an elegant way to share your valuables.