Olderpreneurs — 3 Midlife Career Switch Hacks


Millennials take to changing jobs regularly like ducks to water — according to 2016 data from Gallup, 21 per cent of this group reported moving jobs in the preceding year, compared to just seven per cent of other demographics.

But if you’re middle-aged and have spent most of your working life in the same role or organization, the thought of doing something different might be daunting.

Whether you’re yearning for a change and proactively researching options or are facing redundancy and aren’t sure how to proceed, working for yourself might provide the freedom and opportunities that sometimes aren’t apparent as a card-carrying staff member.

In the UK, pension freedom legislation which allows over 55s to access more of their retirement pot than previously possible, rises in the state pension age and a perceived lack of fulfilling opportunities in the traditional job market mean that olderpreneurs have been a driving force in the rise in self-employment since 2000.

If you want to take a leaf from their book and be your own boss, here are three midlife career switch hacks.

  1. Bounty hunter

If you’ve worked in law enforcement and are approaching retirement, becoming a bounty hunter is one way to earn some extra cash and exploit your hard-earned expertise.

Tracing and apprehending fugitives requires guts, guile, an insider’s knowledge of the law and training in weapons and self-defense.

If you’re based in Oregon, Wisconsin, Kentucky or Illinois, bounty hunting is banned — otherwise, read this guide from BountyHunterEdu and you’ll soon be on your way to an exciting new career.

  1. Driving instructor

Setting up a driving school might not be as adrenalin-fueled as catching felons, but it’s probably safer and can still be profitable.

You’ll need to research the legal requirements for your state and get all the appropriate licenses, and if you’re seeking funding from a bank for setup costs, you must draft a detailed business plan that projects costs of vehicles, premises in an area zoned for commercial use, and robust insurance.

And lastly, you’ll probably be required to have a clean license at present, but check with your local authority to confirm what you need to be compliant.

  1. Online learner

When early retirement’s a couple of years down the line or you’re simply desperate to escape a job that’s gone stale to migrate to a much more fulfilling and rewarding career, upskilling through distance learning is an excellent option.

Flexible online courses allow you to earn while you learn and take care of family commitments without having to drop everything for full-time campus study — but you’ll still be in close contact with tutors and classmates from around the world.

When you earn an online degree from Anglia Ruskin Distance Learning or another accredited organization, you can really propel your career plans and subjects range from MBAs to digital marketing qualifications, so there’s something for everyone.

Choose whichever of these three midlife career switch hacks suits you best and take your first step towards a new role — it’s never too late to find your dream job.

Have you changed careers in midlife? Share your thoughts in the comments section.