The Old Man Haircut is The way to discipline your kids!

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On today’s show of the 3 AM Egos, we have discovered the newest way to discipline your kids and discussed the integrity of NBC’s Brian Williams.

The next time your child misbehaves, you can take him to A-1 Kutz barber shop in Snellville, GA and ask for the Benjamin Button special, which is shaving off your child’s crown to make it resemble an old man balding. Kudos go out to the Washington Post for this great story.

All three of us 3 AM Egos find this hilarious and both Kevin (host) and Sigmund (producer) think it should be used more often!

Our second topic of discussion was the integrity of Brian Williams, the NBC News host who allegedly lied about being in a helicopter that was shot down in Iraq in 2003. I think he should be forgiven because people make mistakes and confusion happens. Kevin(host) and Sigmund both think he should be gone because he flat out lied and someone should replace him.