On The Move: Relocating A Business With Large Assets


Relocating a business can have a lot of benefits. This process can enable you to make connections with other companies, reach more customers, and even give you the chance to save money on things like taxes and business rates. Of course, though, as a big part of this, the process of actually moving can be a lot harder than many people will imagine, especially if you have a lot of large and heavy assets that also need to be moved. To help you out with this, this post will be using a factory as an example, giving you the chance to see what will go into this effort.




Factories tend to be cramped places with a lot of machines, furniture, and tools that will all need to be moved if the company decides to relocate. Disassembling all of this could be a lot of work, and it’s unlikely that you will be able to do it on your own. Asking employees to help can be a good way to avoid the stress that comes with this, though you can’t force them to do manual labor if this isn’t part of their normal job.




Once the factory is taken apart and items are ready to be moved, it will be time to look for transport for all of your assets. Large trucks can be a good tool when going through this, giving you the chance to make as few trips as possible while moving everything safely. Large machinery may need something more specialized, though, and a low loader could be a much better option for this. It’s always worth looking for companies with a lot of positive reviews when you are exploring services like this, ensuring that you choose one that will handle your items with care.




Insurance can be a powerful tool when things go wrong in business, and moving a lot of assets at once can put you at a lot of risks. Even something like a road accident could lose you money when you are going through this, and this makes it well worth looking for additional insurance to make sure that your most expensive equipment is protected. Neglecting this could cost a fortune, especially if you haven’t paid off the value of your machines yet.




With your items safely moved, it will finally be time to start reassembling the whole factory again. Much like the first step, you can usually ask your employees to help with this, but you may have to hire additional support if you have a very small team. This step will be much easier if you have prepared the new factory with things like power and lighting before you decide to move your assets.


Moving a business can be a long and challenging process, but it can also be well worth it when you aren’t able to achieve what you want in your current location. Of course, though, you need to make sure that you’re not making any costly mistakes as you go through it.