One California Insurance Policy You Need Right Now

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California is a great place to live—it has beaches, mild weather, and attractions that other states can only dream of. But even good things have their downsides, and in this case, it’s California insurance—or rather your likelihood of needing insurance.

As a homeowner in California, you have a few extra worries than other Americans, namely wildfires.

Why You Need Specialty California Insurance for Wildfires

In the U.S., wildfires are not particularly common. Out of 50 states, only about 10 have persistent wildfire issues. Out of these states, California is at particularly high risk. For example, in 2019 it had the highest number of wildfires and the fourth-highest number of acres burned in wildfires.

Regular home insurance agencies often don’t cover wildfires and brush fires, even if you’re located in an area that’s consistently vulnerable to wildfires.

If they do, they may either exclude damage caused by brush fires either directly or indirectly. At most, they may offer some very limited support. If your house experiences damage from a fire, you’ll likely have to front the costs yourself.

That’s why many residents on the West Coast invest in specialty home insurance policies.

How Specialty Home Insurance Can Help

Specialty home insurance usually covers all losses from fire damages, even if you only lost time. Say, for example, that your home is set alight by a wildfire then firefighters put out the blaze, you may end up with both fire damage and flood damage. If you’re often susceptible to wildfires, you’ll want a full-coverage California insurance policy.

To make matters worse, wildfires can easily make your house uninhabitable, at least temporarily. Even if your basic homeowners insurance covers the cost of repairs, it won’t pay for your accommodation while you’re displaced from your home. Your hotel costs and other day-to-day expenses are your responsibility alone.

Specialty California insurance policies can prevent that. Most policies will cover all expenses, even if you’ve only been evacuated because of a potential fire.

The Bottom Line About California Insurance

We won’t lie, specialty California homeowners insurance is pricier than normal insurance. But at the end of the day, you get what you pay for. Wouldn’t you rather invest in a high-quality option that you trust instead of paying for a service that won’t help when you need it the most?