Online Blackjack Strategy and Tips


Online Blackjack offers players control over their fate in terms of winning money or losing it. As you choose to have some good time playing online blackjack it is advisable that you have a clear strategy. Blackjack is not about trying luck but it is all about beating the dealer and for this to happen a player should have a good strategy and the best tips to play blackjack. Reading the blackjack strategy equips you with the skills needed and it helps you understand when you should make certain moves depending on the cards that the dealer has and what you have. This means that to play and win any money or bonus you have to play intelligently.

There are also some important areas that players should note such as when they can place side bets and the right time to split, or double to boost their chances of winning the bet. It is known that online blackjack is one of the most rigged online casino games. So, one of the main questions many people tend to ask is whether it’s possible to cheat while playing Blackjack at Well, the answer to this question is that it is difficult to rig online games due to the use of RNGs by casinos. However, it is possible to win using some strategies. To play blackjack games you need statistical strategy and that information includes details such as:

How to use a basic strategy chart

During online blackjack game play there can be many cards in play at a single time and there can be many strategic moves to make based on the cards’ composition. There are so many moves players can make and memorizing all of them can be challenging. To make it easier a player can use an online Blackjack chart to identify the move they can make. The best way to do this is to establish the cards that the dealer has and the ones you have and make a reference. There are various charts and you should play every blackjack game with that variant’s chart to boost your chances of winning

Learning how to count cards

During many Blackjack games players have lost their money simply because they didn’t count their cards well. Counting cards needs a lot of calculations and thinking. Note that since casinos use online RNG features card counting in some games such as blackjack is impossible. This is because the deck is always shuffled after each hand has been dealt. Card counting is only possible during the live dealer versions of blackjack games. The main trick about counting cards during play time is that as the numbers of the cards get higher the player should increase the bet size because the chances are that they might be dealt with better hands

Choosing Blackjack games with high RTPs

To get any bonus or win money while playing online blackjack needs some special insight. Other than using the strategy chart you should also know how to choose the games to play wisely. Every rule tilts the game to the favor of either the dealer or the player. The RTP for blackjack games ranges between 98% to 99% and any changes to the rules may cause a major shift in the odds. Always check RTPs of all games before you play

Avoid side bets

To pull such a move you must be an expert at playing online casino games especially blackjack. This card game offers players one of the highest RTPs but they often have lower payout percentage compared to the main game. There are various options for this card game and they are Lucky Lucky bet, 21+3 bet, Perfect Pairs bet, and Red Queen bet. The best option is to avoid placing a bet on anything else apart from the main hand

Play the Demo Games

Playing against a dealer is challenging because they are well-experienced in various Blackjack games. However, to the advantage of the player there are almost all demos for any blackjack variant they want to play. Before placing a bet using real money players can test their skills by playing a free demo online. Different casinos offer free online demos and you can always play these before investing your hard-earned money and risk being beaten by the dealer while playing Blackjack.


Whether you are a new or experienced player you would attest that there is so much Blackjack has to offer ranging from the many games and variants to the bonus offers and even to the various interesting rules of Blackjack. By reading this guide you will have acquired the necessary skills needed to play blackjack. For sure, Blackjack is an interesting game and you should sign up at a casino of your choice and start wagering on blackjack games.