Online Marketing Terms Every Small Business Owner Should Know


Today’s business industry is largely driven by what happens each day on the internet.  Your business must have a strong digital presence to realize its true potential, no matter what your business does.

You may not be the one doing the actual coding for your operation’s digital content, but it helps to understand the general parameters of the subject.  Enlighten yourself now, and check out a quick look at some online marketing terms every business owner should know.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a true umbrella term regarding digital marketing.  When web users perform a search for relevant terms on Google, proper SEO tactics will help place your digital content at the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Delve into the various underlying concepts of search engine optimization, and become fluent.  If you’re doing to be the person designing your digital content, then SEO is where you’ll want to begin laying your foundation.

Mobile optimization

Mobile access to the web is the way the majority of web users choose to access the internet today.  It makes sense that mobile optimization would be something you need to know about.

Mobile optimization encompasses all the design tactics you’ll need to know to create digital content that displays and functions well on a range of today’s most popular mobile devices.  Digital content that is not optimized for mobile users won’t be as effective as you had hoped.

White label marketing

In short, a company that practices white-label marketing is a business that has taken on a product that is already established and rebranded/repackaged it as their own.  A good example of a white-label product is a store brand cereal.

If you’re looking to push the popularity of your newly branded product, you’ll delve into the art of white-label marketing for big brands.  Hire professionals to service your business in this area, and you won’t fall short of everything you need to gain a loyal consumership.

Evergreen content

Evergreen content is digital content that doesn’t lose its relevance over time.  Articles explaining how to change a tire, wash your clothes, or how to tie your shoes (for example) are all considered evergreen content.  You never lose the need to know the information contained in an article labeled evergreen.

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Remarketing is when a business works to connect with consumers who have already had a connection with the operation before.  Investing resources in remarketing tactics helps to generate new leads for a diligent business operation.

A person could have signed up for email communication, bought a product, or simply inquired about something regarding your business.  Reconnecting with a consumer that shows interest in your business is the heart of remarketing.