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Jason smith

Reducing Operating Costs

Jason Smith is the founder of operatingcosts.com

Services are provided on a contingency basis – meaning that clients pay only a percentage of the operating costs that are saved. If there are no savings then there are no fees to pay.


Operatingcosts.com is a marketing arm for Cost Containment and Expense Reduction Experts and is led by Jason Smith, a former VP for one of the largest National Cost Containment firms in the United States. His experience has enabled him to be able to understand the problems faced by many CFOs in trying to reduce the indirect operating costs of their organization.

At operatingcosts.com we don’t profess to be an expert in your business which is why we normally do not even look at your Cost of Goods Sold. Those suppliers are integral to your business and we believe that, as the CFO, you chose those suppliers for a reason.

Instead, we have a team of Expense Reduction Experts, (also known as Cost Containment) strategically placed across the United States. Our Expense Reduction Experts specializes Cost Management services for indirect overheads. They types of overheads that, whilst necessary for the smooth running of your operation, are not part of your C.O.G.S

Our services start with a no fee, no obligation Personalized Savings Analysis that sets expectations of what and where we can save your organization money. Typically we can allow non-profits and companies to save up to 40% in over 30 common cost categories.

We help businesses lower operating costs and improve profitability.

Watch the short video to find out a little more about our no risk services:


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Jason Smith lives in Louisville KY and enjoys horses and fishing (not at the same time!). Living in Horse Farm Country he works from home as a Website Designer as well as a Louisville Restaurant critique.











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