Optimizing Your Pallet Racks: Inspect and Optimize Your System


Every storage space, be it for personal or warehouse use, has different needs and processes based on their purpose, which is why they need a pallet racking system.

But how does one choose the pallet rack that will best fit their business or personal requirements? Here are some things to consider:

Gauge your available storage space

Are you going for optimized storage space? There are some options you can look into, such as a deep lane storage system. It helps you to optimize your space by (maximizing) the slots for your supplies, and you can easily recognize where you keep each of your stock keeping units or SKUs.

There are also pallet racks that consider the type of product or item, which can also help in utilizing the space in your storage.

If your available space is more on the vertical side, go for wire decks that can provide stability and carry the maximum load.

Look into how you’d move them.

You have to be aware of how you’d move your supplies. Are you in a business that requires constant transitions? Are your products easily affected by nature?

Some considerations need to be met, so knowing how your business goes and how much you need, will help you choose what type of pallet racks are required.

Consider the space very well, especially if there is a need for forklifts. You would not want products getting in the way of the path of the lifts when there are packages that need to be transported in and out.

Be aware of your responsibilities.

When you are mainly into storing general supplies, your pallet rack of choice should fit that particular requirement. Especially if your product is in high demand, the frames should be placed accordingly where transportation of the packages can quickly be done at optimum time and speeds.

Inspecting your pallet racks

Even if you have chosen the right pallet racking for your needs, you would still need to inspect them from time-to-time. Consider a checklist to know how you can go about doing this.

Should I hire a professional?

A professional may cost extra, but you are assured that everything will be in tip-top shape. If you decide to go through a different route, look for someone who already knows the pallet racks that you will be using. Get someone who does not work their keep in your warehouse, so that you would not have to worry about haphazard inspection because they are too familiar with the location.

Things to inspect

Misalignments  are your number one concern. There are instances that racks which are loaded and unloaded every day may feel the wear and tear early. This scenario may happen, especially with warehouses, whose environment is not too metal-friendly.

Look into the physical capability of your racks. Is rust starting on the rods? Are they still standing upright? Make sure that you are aware of the pallet racks’ maximum capacity.

Check for the best time to do the inspection.

An everyday walk through is a necessity, especially if there is constant transportation in and out of your warehouse. An inspection should also be done if there are any reports of noticeable damage or an accident. These kinds of reports have to be addressed as soon as possible to avoid losing the available product, as well as the trust of your clients.