Our 2016 in Review: Looking to the Future without Forgetting the Past


Here at Brilliant Energy we had a great year. We continued to grow in so many ways and watched awesome developments in the industry as we developed new things within our own company. Although we had a great year, we can’t dwell on it too much because we still have more years to come. Instead of remaining complacent, we use the things we learned this year to propel us into a great new year. We look back at our year to determine what was great and should continue, and where we could make some improvements.

This past year, we grew our family of customers, team members, and community members. We also continued to get more involved in our fantastic and supportive community. We continued a lot of internal traditions and started some new ones. We got to know our existing fellow team members a little better while welcoming new members of our family.

This year was really fun, but it wasn’t exactly stress-free. We are consistently working to keep up in this competitive industry while trying to do more to make sure each and every customer is happy with us. We also worked hard to grow our involvement in the community. Fortunately, we have outstanding team members who relieve some of this stress by working together and always being willing to lend a hand.

It’s important for us to remember both the great things about this year and the things we can improve upon for next year. As we remember these things, we set goals for ourselves to improve both the great things and the things that need work. These goals will ensure that we will have an even better 2017!


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