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At Brilliant Energy, we are pretty big nerds about electricity, but we know that most of our customers and community are not. While we enjoy sharing electricity-related advice and fun facts, we also connect with people through our other passions as well as subjects that are useful and entertaining to them. One way we love to connect with people is through our blog.

We have blog posts covering a range of subjects, many of which revolve around good ol’ Texas. If there’s one thing that Texans love, it’s Texas, and we are right there with them. This great state we serve, in our opinion, has some of the best stuff in the country. From awesome holiday to-do’s to beautiful travel destinations that deserve a place on the bucket list, this state has it all, and we love to write about it.

Another common blog subject that many of you may find hard to believe (not really) is our furry friends. We love pets, and so does a lot of our local community. We have a wide range of unique pet-related subjects to choose from, making it very clear that we really, really love pets.

Of course, being the electricity nerds that we are, we do talk about electricity in our blog. One of our favorite ways to do this is to engage the history buffs with our Professor History Lessons. In these lessons, the Professor gives us the low-down on some electrified historical events that weren’t included in your textbooks.

Like our fellow Texans, we are very passionate people, and we would love to share these passions with you (we’ll try not to talk your ears off). If you want to learn about the best (anything) in Texas, get ideas for great animal books, buff up your history knowledge or explore other fun subjects, check out our Brilliant Blog here: http://www1.brilliantenergy.com/blog/



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