Our Brilliant Holiday Toy Drives


We can’t write enough about how much we love our community, and how this love runs through the veins of our company. Every team member, no matter their department, has a love for our community and a desire to help out. So during the holidays, it’s fitting for us to do an annual toy drive or two.

Every year, Brilliant Energy collects donations for Operation Stocking Stuffer, a wonderful toy drive started by the Fire Department. We also have to stay true to our fur-loving nature and have a pet toy drive as well. Despite the fact that it was a bit of a double order, our employees delivered whole-heartedly. Our large boxes were full of toys fit to make a holiday wonderland for kids and pets alike. We even had some non-employees in our building donate!

Our marketing department was lucky enough to play Santa Claus and deliver these toys (although we did not go through anyone’s chimneys in the middle of the night). As the pet toys went to the animal shelter, we got to see first-hand the adorable dogs and cats that would be receiving a cuddly new toy. These toys bring great comfort to the animals as they wait for their forever homes, so much so that many pets bring these toys with them to help them get comfortable in their new homes. As for Operation Stocking Stuffer, we look forward to seeing the photos of their once again successful drive!

We love to do our part in the community all year long, but there’s something special about sharing love and joy around the holidays that makes helping out even more fun. We appreciate all of our employees and building neighbors for helping us bring joy to so many people and creatures.



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