Our Core Values


We have always believed that the core of Brilliant Energy’s existence is the people who surround it: our employees, our community and our customers.

We have been able to create a group of amazing employees who share our values and love helping our customers. Each employee helps shape Brilliant Energy every day and has a hand in creating the impression customers receive from us. They are always in tune with the customers’ present needs, their preferences, and often their personal lives. To our company, customers are not just an account number, but a person who we take the time to get to know. Internally, our team members help us create a company culture that makes us want to come to work. Our open-door policy allows us to get to know each other and exchange ideas.

As a company of animal-lovers, we love reaching out to our community by helping animal welfare organizations. Aside from making regular donations to these organizations through our Brilliant PetLovers Plan, we hold towel, food and toy drives and participate in various community events. The ability to connect and give back to our community has had a great effect on us. We love seeing the differences that are being made in the community and we love being a part of these movements.

As much as we love our employees and community, none of us would be here without our customers. They are the people we come to work for and the people who make everything possible. We are thankful to have many long-tenured customers who have been with us for multiple years (which is not very common in the competitive electricity industry). As they have shown loyalty to us, we show the same to them by making their time with us as easy and fun as possible. We provide clarity through every step they take and strive to make every process as simple as possible.


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