Our Home Away from Home


We firmly believe that a great internal culture helps us better serve our customers. Our shared passions for our community and customers and our open-door policy unify us as a team and directly help us give the best service to our customers. But we also implement internal ideas on a daily basis to make sure our team members feel at home here at Brilliant Energy. Even the smallest implementations of creativity and comfort can have a big effect.

As a company of pet lovers, it’s no surprise that we welcome our furry friends at the office. It’s a regular occurrence to see a dog or two roaming the halls and greeting everyone they see. Our favorite break times are ones where we are met with a wagging tail. We are also familiar with team members bringing in lost dogs. Given that we as a company are trying to help decrease the amount of stray pets in the community, we certainly don’t mind our team members helping out on their own accord. In all of these situations, we do whatever we can to help out and get the dogs back to their owner or to a new home. These little “side missions” are great unexpected times that allow us to work as a team in doing a little extra for the community.

In addition to encouraging our team members to bring their little (or big) fuzz-balls to work, we also endorse fuzzy feet in the form of slippers. Wearing slippers is just another little way to bring the comfort of home to the office. And who doesn’t have a better day with great shoes? One department head even bought her team members slippers so that everyone could have a pair.

During the holiday season, we see several fun decoration contests around the office. Although our “Light Up Your Desk” holiday decorating contest gets some detailed entries, Halloween is really the intense time of the year, so much so that new team members are always “warned.” During Halloween, departments come together for the common cause of winning the decorating competition. Ideas start to come up very early on and everyone guards their department’s secret. At the end of October, we begin to see walls and ceilings covered with themed decorations. Several departments include the smallest details and even serve drinks and food that relate to their theme. Friendly competition not only brings departments together, but allows for some inter-departmental banter. Our costume contests are also known to be steep, sometimes escalating to a tie-breaker dance-off.

Although directly working together throughout all departments is important for us to boost morale and best serve our customers, we believe that encouraging everyone to express themselves and feel comfortable is another important idea that really shows through when we connect with people. Like our own homes, we are proud of Brilliant Energy and we are happy to be the “hosts” to our customers and community.