Our Open Door Policy


At Brilliant Energy, we are not the types to make a habit of closing our doors (some of us don’t even have doors!), literally or figuratively. Our doors and minds are always open to new people and ideas. As we continue to grow, we have hired awesome team members, each of whom brings unique talents and ideas to the table. We whole-heartedly embrace these unique qualities in multiple ways.

During training, every new employee gets a taste of what each department does. This gives them a broader scope of the company as a whole and allows them to explore the minds of people who might be very different from them.

Everyone in the company is free to visit anyone else to exchange ideas and broaden their own minds. Many of our favorite ideas that have come out of the company originated in playful conversations that turned into serious ideas.

Many of our projects depend on people from every department in the company so that the project can be enriched by ideas from all of the company’s perspectives. This way, we can make sure the project makes sense to all departments and everyone is on board.

We do not have a hierarchy that determines who gets to suggest ideas. We believe that everyone has great ideas whether they are a new team member or an executive. Each employee has a unique perspective that they gain from their own experiences and from their position in the company. We want to embrace all of those ideas to create a company that is relatable to everyone here and that everyone here can be proud of.



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