Parents of College Students: Partnership Is Key For Your Return On Investment!


Reduce College Transition Anxiety and Maximize the Return on College Investment through Five Parent-Student Partnership Strategies

During this critical time for college bound students and their parents, Dr. Joel Ingersoll, founder of Take On College highlights key strategies to reduce anxiety and maximize the return on the college investment.

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Maximize College Performance & Experience

“The four month window between May and August is critical to partner and plan for success.”

Oradell, NJ (PRWEB) May 05, 2015

National college signing day has finally passed leaving stressed high school students with some temporary relief. The long college application process ends with exhilaration for students getting into their top choice, or dejection from being turned away. Now that decisions about college destinations have been made the focus for students and parents shifts to financing the cost of college education, followed by anxiety about the transition to school.

“College admission is an increasingly stressful, expensive experience for families,” commented Dr. Joel Ingersoll, founder of Take On College. “After admission, many parents are left to figure out how to finance the cost and do not include their student in the investment discussion. Families benefit by creating a parent-student partnership and broadening the conversation to include their student’s view on his or her plan on maximizing the college experience.” Dr. Joel maintains, “The four month window between May and August is critical for parent-student partnership, communication, and planning.”

“The key to creating a return on the college investment is for parents and students to partner together now, establish accountability plans, and create awareness of the range of campus opportunities and resources. Students attending college in the fall have 4-5 months to prepare themselves with strategies to increase the likelihood of achieving semester goals and defining a fulfilling experience,” continued Dr. Joel. “Additionally, parents can use this opportunity to learn best practices on how to support their college student without becoming helicopter parents.”

The Top 5 Ways to Maximize the College Investment Include:
1. Create a partnership with your student.
2. Commit to establishing a team approach to your college investment strategy.
3. Identify the range of opportunities and student resources at the college.
4. Define semester goals and accountability plans.
5. Commit to a summer prep plan by prioritizing and practicing a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Take On CollegeⓇ is a personalized coaching service geared for college and college bound students. Working with a peak performance coach, the Take On College student receives weekly one-on-one coaching designed to help maximize their performance and college experience. Included in this coaching service are monthly webinars for students and separate webinars for parents to guide them through the ups and downs of a semester.

With more than 15 years of experience working on college campuses, providing individual and group counseling, consultation, and coaching services to undergraduate, graduate students, and parents Dr. Joel Ingersoll is a Certified Master Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Dr. Joel owns two companies, built to give clients the tools needed find, develop and enhance one’s personal path toward emotional, physical and mental health.